Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the holiday buzz

what a crazy time the holiday is. i mean, could i get any more stressed out? ugh! i love Christmas, and i'm normally a very cool, calm, and collected person... but things at work are nutso & things outside of work are nutso.... geez! and what about that traffic? okay.... letting it go now...

well, i don't know if i ever gave the rundown on the movie i watched several weeks ago... Finding Neverland. good flick... i do suggest it... in fact, i highly recommend it. the little boy that plays Peter is an amazing little actor.

A M A Z I N G. i think it's quite enjoyable and has something for everyone.

okay, i'd like to give an update on the book i've been reading, Perpetua. i've had tons of mixed emotions while reading this book.... i'll let you know the final result. overall, i believe that i'm not only learning a lot on a historical aspect... but also on a spiritual aspect. i got super annoyed at one point, shortly after typing in my blog about it, but i got over it. i was annoyed with extreme martyrdom mentality... what i mean is, that was all she seemed to think about at one point. i mean, seriously, that's all she thought about! it seemed to go on for chapters! but, then i realized, you know what? that's truly probably all she did think about... it was her reality... it was her life. she witnessed stuff like that ALL the time. that's why she was so caught up in it... she had no choice. she had to come to terms with it... i, knowing the end of her true life story, knowing that she dies for her faith, had already came to terms with it... i was being impatient reading her thoughts coming to terms with it... how despicable of me... if i was in her shoes, i'd probably take a much longer time coming to terms with it than just a few chapters. anyway, i'll let you know my final thoughts when i finished with the book. so far, i'm very impressed.

oh, and in case i don't blog at you all again before the big day, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

**sniffle** cough** sniffle**

this is nuts.
i went to walgreen's to buy some cold medicine & felt like i was getting the third degree. no joke. it would've been easier(and probably more pleasant) for me to go buy some "old-fashioned cold medicine" down at the liquor store. you know, since there are so many folks making crazy drugs out of sudafed & things like that, they don't sell it off the shelves anymore. so, i walked up to the pharmacy counter w/my little card for the medicine, and this lady who looks like she just left a job at the FBI walks up to help me. "Claritin D? This stuff helps" as she gives me the eye & looks me over(as if i look like a drugie?). Then she asks for the driver's license. Which i pull out of my wallet. i have the old one still... you know the old laminated kind. and i said, "here you go, i still have one of the old ones, haha..." you know, i was trying to be nice... but i don't know why i said that because the next thing i know, she starts truly investigating my D.L. to see if it's homemade or something. For crying out loud- you can tell i have a cold just by the sound of my voice anf my sniffling! anyway, she decides my D.L. is legal and gets out her little notebook where they log everyone's name in who buys cold medicine and the like. she starts writing in my name & gets to the address section. "you sure are far away from home... hmm...?" in an insinuating tone. (i still have my old address on there.) anyway, i kinda ignored that comment w/a "eemmhm". and about 15 minutes later... after a little more ridiculous stuff... i got the med and was out of there. funny, huh...? sorta.... not?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

tuna & terms last night

okay, yes, my weekend... yeah, it's Tuesday night and i'm just now reporting the weekend stuff. i watched a couple movies- one old and one new. I watched the 'ole classic While You Were Sleeping which i absolutely love. "Nice... uh... nice... schweater." I also went to see Ocean's 12. Did I like it? Yes. It is smart, funny, and worth the $ in my opinion. however, i'm sad to report that there were several times when i felt like the only people laughing in the whole dang theater were my friend and i. what was that about? were we in a theater full of boring, no-humor people or what? anyway, i liked it and i think my favorite scenes were Julia's "acting" scenes where she becomes involved w/the crime. okay, enough about that.
my shopping experience this weekend was not enjoyable. for some reason, i was not able to find anything christmasy like i was looking for! oh well, no big deal. i enjoyed walking around the mall anyway.
i went to starbucks twice on saturday night- that was one of the best ideas i've had in awhile... anyway, enough about my weekend.
last night, after work, i went home because i had laundry to do. i went to the kitchen to grab dinner- only to find NOTHING. that's right, nothing. i don't know why i bother even going into my kitchen when hunger strikes. i'm never home, thus little to no food can be found there. so, i had a can of tuna for my dinner. sad, i know. oh well. anyway, i flipped on the TV and watched Terms of Endearment. I had never watched this movie but always heard things about it- so i watched it. i thought it was alright... not sure what all the talk has been about. i enjoyed McClaine's performance... but i don't know.... whatever. i'd watch it again, sure, but i wouldn't purchase it for my video library or anything. it's an odd flick.
well, i'm the last person in the building so i think i'll be leaving now.

Monday, December 13, 2004

“Immunity” is up for grabs

anyone can look in my laptop, look at the desktop, look in my favorites, look at some of my documents, and find me… find my heart. interesting thing… i rediscovered my own heart a few seconds ago- looking at the list of my favorites. of course, at first glance, it may not define anything for most people looking at my list, but to me it does. anyway, enough about that.

so, my friends and i watch “Survivor”. We’re pretty committed fans. while I was driving home, i was thinking about how badly it annoys me how & what people will do and put “on the line” to get ahead. i have watched “Survivor” from the very first season- I’m not new to this- it’s not like i’m just now realizing people do this- it’s just that it’s really getting old. i used to think that i’d like to be on the show, but now i’m thinking, no thanks. i have my own little jungle to survive- the building in which i work & the people in it. it’s a hard game, life. your integrity is tested, your strengths, your weaknesses, your honesty, your values… it’s just not televised on national TV. the producers purposely put folks in that show that are going to CLASH and test one another… sometimes i wonder if the producer of my show has done the same thing. Everyday and every moment of your life is a test… do you give up your integrity & your values to get to the top? i hope not. i wonder what some of us would really think about our coworkers or employees or bosses if we really knew what they were up to or what they were saying behind closed doors. would we be shocked? what’s funny about the show “Survivor” is that they never know what the other people are saying to the cameras until after it’s all said & done… when they’re at home watching it on TV. at the reunions, they sometimes will say “i was surprised to see” this or that… what “he or she was really thinking and what he or she was really saying”. hmmm…. if only the rest of us could watch our own shows and have that opportunity to see who the people in our “tribe” really are. i guess when things are all said and done… we will find out.
in a way, i sometimes use this “blog” thing as my “Survivor” camera… but only sometimes.

Friday, December 10, 2004

making this quick->

well, it's almost 6pm on friday night! and i gotta get the heck outta here(i'm still at work)! this was a crazy week. it's always crazy in december.
good news- i got my "vision" plan back on my cell phone, so i can start taking more pics & sending them! whoohoo! the funny thing is, i exchange pics w/co-workers more than anyone else! how sad.
i'm gonna go shopping this weekend, i'm gonna go to the movies, whoohoo! can't wait!
i'll type at you guys on monday- thanks for stopping by. much love!
p.s. check out my crazy friend abi- she's new to the blog scene- but she's gonna do great.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

story worth telling

I’m on Chapter 13 of a great book. I’m reading Perpetua by Amy Rachel Peterson. You can probably find it at if you’re interested. It’s based on true events and on the original Latin source of this young wealthy “noblewoman” who died a martyr in A.D. 202 or 203. She was from a family of senatorial status in Carthage. Perpetua left behind a diary that the author studied.
Reminds me of Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc… or at least what I’ve read of it. Mark Twain spent 12 years in research for Joan of Arc! I find that so amazing. I appreciate these kinds of authors… the kinds who know that every person in history has not only a story worth researching but also a story worth telling. Twain once said, “I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well. And besides, it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation, and two years of writing. The others needed no preparation and got none.” How cool is that?
Anyway, back to Perpetua. I really like it. At first, it took me awhile to get into, but now I become Perpetua every time I dive into the book… because you know all of her thoughts… and feelings. She doesn’t know what to think of this new religion that her brother & mother have converted to. She soon realizes that the pagan gods she’s been raised to worship are nothing but stone. Has she always believed that there’s only one God? How can that be? What does He want from her?
The funny thing is I’m not much of a reader. I read every once in awhile… but I’m usually too busy with other things… busy social life, etc. However, one of my friends (Ingrid) has been successful in throwing books my way & insisting I read them. I’m glad for it… I’ve decided it’s probably better for me to read a book at late at night rather than watch TV until I have all of the commercials memorized. Ingrid didn’t suggest this book- I picked up Perpetua while I was in Kansas City last month.
Speaking of K.C., man, i love that place.

Friday, December 03, 2004

it's finally the weekend.

well, if you're like me, you might read people's blog occasionally... and refrain from commenting for one reason or another... mine is usually the lack of creativity to even come up with a comment. anyway, a couple folks asked me to change my blog up a little so that anyone can post comments anonymously. i did that yesterday. hope you guys are happy now. :)
have a happy flippin' weekend everyone!! i plan on taking it easy.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

thanks SSS!

okay, my PC is slow today. wheww!
so, a few people who've read this blog say that i'm not really as bad as the Bueller tone. good to know- good to know. it's also great to know that i'm not the only one reading my blog. :)

anyway, we're doing this "Secret Santa Sister" at work and I've received a wonderful gift. what is it? a Starbucks gift card. what a wonderful way to spread the joy of Christmas.... thank you, SSS.

okay, unfortunately, since my lunch break is over, i gotta jet. but i figured that i had just enough time to throw a little at you for a second.... so i did.
if you get the chance and are interested, see
i work with chris- he always has very interesting topics-
good read, good read.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


well, things are good.
thanksgiving holiday with family was interesting... fun times, fun times. and yes, i say that in a "Bueller" tone... as I do with most everything i say... I can't help it, it's hereditary.
For example, my brother and i went to go see "Finding Neverland" with my roommate. After the movie, she asks us "Did you guys like it?" To which we responded, "Yeah, it was good." She said "did either of you cry?!" To which we said, "No... but it was good... " And then she said, "Nevermind, I forgot I was talking to the Lambs." The thing of it is, we Lambs are not known for our dramatic and emotional performances. Actually, it's the lack thereof that we're known for. We're pretty dry sometimes, but hey, that's what makes things funny... what can I say? i think our dryness makes great comedy sometimes. at other times, it's a real pain. for example, my roommate & i went to walmart the other night & she wanted to get some Christmasy stuff to decorate our place. well, went over to look at all that stuff & she starts picking things up saying "this is cute... that's cute... what do you think about that... it's cute... that'd look great, this would look great too, what about that...?" and i said "yeah, that's cute. yup, that's cute too. i like that santa... i like that tablecloth... yeah, that's cute." but, i guess my lack of enthusiasm made her doubt the authenticity of my answers. needless to say, we didn't get anything. :) oh well, the bueller tone is a blessing and a curse.
things at work are going to be crazy today- it being the last day of the month! yippee!
bye for now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

written 11/23/04 around 11:15pm+ on my laptop

okay, i’m convinced that i do my “best thinking”
1) getting ready for work in the morning
2) driving in my car
3) at night- usually late at night when i’m near the brink of exhaustion
and you know what? these are all 3 scenarios of what? times i’m by myself… apparently, i do my best thinking alone… probably because that’s when i can hear God more clearly… or maybe that’s when He’s able to get through to me. there’s a thought for you. slow down & shut up every once in awhile. no new news to anyone, i’m sure. we all could use this reminder though, right? who said “if you can get a man to slow down & be quiet long enough…He’ll find God”??? or something like that anyway… can’t remember the exact quote or who said it. yup, He’s waiting for us to listen.
i just realized that the way i talk sometimes makes it sound like i never listen to God or spend quality time w/Him… that’s not true. but it’s none of your concern anyway… it’s no-one’s business but mine. there’s a time & place for everything & everyone.
Dr. Wayne Myers & his wife, Martha, came to visit our office today. Very, very enjoyable people. Love them!!!
my laptop is acting screwy… it’s tired & so am i… better call it a night.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i'm a fastfood junkie

whoohoo- another day done. i'm listening to Josh Groban to calm my nerves... i'm pretty sure this guy could easily win over any girl's heart just by singing for a few minutes. i especially LOVE "Remember When It Rained"... might be a song to remember to add to the "wedding list 'o songs".
you know, i like to just throw junk on here at the end of the day... silly stuff... serious stuff... whatever. i was wondering today whether or not some people might get on other people's blogs & read archived stuff or do they just read the first thing they see & judge you by that? i ususally take the time to read more than one entry when i'm visiting other's blogs for the first time.
you know, i rarely cook or go to the grocery store. it's almost more wasteful for me to- because i'm rarely at home & if i buy groceries, they go bad before i can eat them. yup, i pretty much eat out for lunch & dinner every day. it's taking a toll on me though... i need to start eating salad & then more salad. hmm... maybe i'll do that tonight... wendy's has okay salads.
how sad is it that all i have to talk about is food today?
let's talk about more food- Thanksgiving. actually, Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of all time... and it's not because of the food... it's because i love my family & i love when i get to hang out with them. crazy, but true. as far as the food goes- it's great- but i'll be keeping my thanksgiving meal experience down to one "helping" this year as opposed to going back for "seconds".
i love my life. i love my family. i love my friends. i'm feeling very thankful right now... to the point of risking cheeziness. God has blessed me soooo much in my life... and none of us really deserve any of His blessings.
well, i better call it a night & go get that salad.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (especially Steph & Matt - who i'll be thinking of & praying for while i eat some turkey this year.)
much love~

Monday, November 22, 2004

ever seen Motor-Mouth on VH1?

well, here we are folks. i'm back from St.Louis & Kansas City... had good trips this weekend. Good times. Posted a couple pics tonight. one from a previous business trip & one of an OU game awhile back.
put several miles on my car this weekend... what else is it for anyway, right?
it's hard for me to post something on here about anything other than "work stuff" at the moment... just because that's where all my thoughts are right now... it's been a busy day.
i drove back from K.C. by myself & it was raining almost all the way back... just about the whole 4 hours. i was hoping i'd see a starbucks billboard off of the highway somewhere- but noooooo- nothing. i was struggling at some points... i needed caffeine. i turned up my music loud & made myself sing along to stay awake. when i came to a rest stop, i put $ in the vending machine but nothing came out... i couldn't even get caffeine at the dang rest stop. so i just kept going... i passed by the trucker's gas stops... didn't want to get myself into any unwanted adventure. in the end, i made it home okay w/out starbucks or dr. pepper. i'm just glad i wasn't unknowingly a contestant on Motor-Mouth.
you know what i'd like? i'd like to own a starbucks one day... at least one. add that to my checklist of things to do in my lifetime. and you know what? when i own my starbucks, i'm putting a dang billboard on the highway for the po' folks driving home by themselves that just need a little love from the beautiful starbucks bean. speaking of starbucks... i love the peppermint mocha during the holidays... you should try it... you'll like it.

Jared, me, & Daddy-O @ an OU game... God bless OU. Posted by Hello

this would be Abi & me on a business trip Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

on the road again

i think it's very appropriate that i went w/lambwhirlwind... because that's exactly how i've been feeling this week. as soon as i returned back home on sunday, things have been a blur... a flippin' whirlwind. and here i am, getting ready to head off again. i'm traveling on business to st. louis tomorrow... i leave at 5:00am. 5AM may be nothing to some people, but it's not exactly fun to me. after st. louis, i'm traveling on to kansas city... going to a conference/seminar... i think i'll enjoy it. anyway, have a very busy next few days ahead of me. whoohoo!
i'm on my lunch break at work at the moment... well it's actually time for me to get back to work so i'll end this. i'll post a pic of my friend Bethany & her baby (kayla) before officially logging off.
speaking of babies, i have a new cousin, Samantha... born on 11/16!
hope everyone has a super weekend- i'll catch you all next week.

kayla & bethany! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

good to be back.

oh, how very good it is to be back home. things at grandma's... well... it ain't too lively at her place. she had back surgery last year. it's slowed her down quite a bit. i feel bad for her. so anyway, we didn't do too much. we went shopping one day, we ate out at every meal... fun times.
i flew there. i very large man sat next to me in the plane & busted out a salad that he had concealed. He proceeded to consume his salad & all the while spilling it all over himself & those of us sitting on either side of him. very pleasant man... yes, i say that in a sarcastic tone. it was a scene from out of a movie... i've never seen anyone eat like that before... kinda like cookie monster. my blog entries keep coming back to seasame street for some reason.
grandma & i drove back to t-town last night. i wan't able to get behind the wheel until we were about 80 mile from home. needless to say, it was a long trip. but i'm glad i went. speaking of grandma, i gotta jet. she's still in town and she's insisting that we have dinner tonight. lucky for me, she loves mexican food almost as much as i do. :) check you all later.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


i'm leaving today. headed for dallas to spend the weekend with my grandmother. should prove to be interesting. my plane leaves at 2pm. i shall report on my trip next week.
it's quite a busy month for me. dallas this weekend, kansas city next weekend, thanksgiving the weekend after that! geez! i need a vacation! please send in your contributions today & receive a free autographed picture of my grandma. yup, it's offical, i'm a dork... and i'm lovin' it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

wax on- wax off...

So I went a little crazy with the pics today… added 4? I really can see why people have always thought that Steph & I were sisters now. Looking at myself in the TU pic & then looking at Steph in the other pics… dang! Speaking of Steph, you gotta watch it when taking pics of her… cause she likes to make retarded faces like the one she’s making in the one w/Ingrid… all crosseyed… at least she doesn’t look constipated… as she sometimes does. J ha!! Hey Steph, you know I love ya!
Anyway, can I just say that work is driving me nutso today? And certain individuals in particular are really contributing more effort than others when it comes to the ‘ticking Kristin off’ levels. They’re really working hard at it today. But, good will overcome evil in the office today… I am determined. Man, I really am crazy, huh?
Thank God for Starbucks coffee, 5 minute breaks, chocolate, and my blog.
I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking a martial arts class of some sort. If not before the end of the year, definitely starting upon the new year. First of all, I need to find out what type I want to take… whoohoo! I think I’m really gonna have some fun- can’t wait!

this is Steph & Matt on the other side of the world. aren't they so cute? Posted by Hello

it's Steph(cross-eyed) & Ingrid... and yeah, that's Mel in the background. :) Posted by Hello

a few more of my favorite peeps: Steph, Nicole, & Mel. Posted by Hello

Cyndi, Nita, & me @ at our TU football night. :) Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004


hey everybody-
sorry about the lack of new material lately. this has been a CRAZY week.
go Prez Bush!! happy days!
anyway, i think i might have a cold trying to come on... but i'm fighting it.
i'm at work... so i gotta go... but just know that i have not totally abandoned my blog... i've just been temporarily unavailable. i will be back. much love~ k

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

habla espanol? intelligente ano!

okay, so i’m taking this spanish class… it’s from 6p-9p every Monday night. we only have one class left… so, after next week, i should be able to speak espanol, no problemo. right…anyway, our spanish teacher is one cool lady. she’s mentioned a few times that she comes from a very wealthy family of politicians in Columbia… kinda makes me wonder… but anyway, she’s pretty cool. unfortunately, we were learning and going over how to say different holiday greetings like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc… pretty boring stuff.
But then some guy in our class asked about how you say ‘Happy Halloween’ in spanish. Well, the next we know, our teacher is going on and on about it and how it is the day of the dead or dia de las brujas. turned into a very interesting lesson. i was very glad to hear about what halloween means to her… the spiritual warfare involved. I understand that to some people, Halloween is a day of innocent fun & candy… but there is a whole other side of it that a lot of people are totally oblivious to. She went on to tell us about how at one point in her life, she was involved in ‘white magic’ and she was a witch. she told us about the sacrifices they would make on October 31 and the chants or spells they would say to try to “influence” the minds of children and teenagers. she went on to tell us about how one day she was screaming out to God saying things like “are You real?? Show Yourself!”
Well, she said that it was right then and there that she met “the Lord”. “you know when you meet the Lord”, she said, “there is no mistaking Him for anyone else.” I thought that was so freakin’ cool. She is a Christian now… no more white magic for her. She has a very cool life story.
She is so unashamed of Christ & it’s so refreshing to me. A lot of “christians” don’t even know who Christ is… they don’t take the time to try and get to know Him. He’s at the door and He’s knocking for crying out loud!!! He’s freakin’ knocking at the door of your heart and all you have to say is “Okay, I want to get to know you too, come on in. I want You in my life and I want to get to know You. Be my God- Be my Lord- You take the reins.” then you spend as much time as you can talking to Him and stopping to listen to Him for direction… as much time as you can- that might be a little or it might be a lot… just do what you can…. how freakin’ hard is that???????? tell me!!!!!!!! there’s that book called the Bible to help you too.
He sacrificed too much to not be taken seriously… that’s all i’m saying.

Friday, October 22, 2004

it's Friday

hey, well, today is Friday and I'm so glad about that! I need a break from work in a bad way.
i've been thinking about that huckabee movie more... i might have been too harsh about it... but it's definitely not something you want to take kids to watch.
anyway, figured out how to put a pic on here yesterday... so now you can see a picture of my little cousin Jack & me. Wish I lived closer to my extended family... don't get to see them much. I was in Kansas this past weekend and really enjoyed seeing many of them... hopefully we can ALL get together for Thanksgiving.
I have to say that Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Especially love it when we are able to get together with most of the fam.
I'm beginning to think that I might want to have more kids than I originally have thought before. Oh well, the time will come when those decisions are made... now is not it.
It's Oktoberfest in Tulsa this weekend... it's the german drinking fest thing. I went last year... and yes, i was sober the whole time... but it was funny to go into the tent where they are all do the german dancing & most of them are pretty drunk so it's very funny to watch. you've got to experience drunk germans dancing at least 1 time in your life!
Okay, my break is over. Back to work!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


so tonight some friends and i went to an advanced showing of that huckabees movie. hmmm… what a flick… okay, in my humble opinion, the best thing about that movie was mark wahlberg’s performance. the guy was very funny in some parts… there were a couple scenes he had the whole theatre roaring. then there were the slightly disturbing scenes that were way too much… people were saying “SICK!” etc. i can’t stand the out of control scenes… and the language was out of control too. it was quite the little philosophical movie- but with that never-ending thing. i love that lady that plays hoffman’s wife… i can never remember her name but i do remember watching her on Sesame Street. c’mon, please tell me you remember the lady that sat in the OVERSIZED rocking chair and talked like she had a constant sinus infection... pretending to be a kid? i loved her… i’ve always thought that she’s so funny… it’s that dry sense of humor thing. i think she might have been in that “9 to 5” movie w/Dolly Parton??? anyway, back to the huckabees… not sure it’s a movie that i’d recommend seeing?? there was another familiar face that is worth mentioning though… especially for you Hitchcock fans. seen the Birds movie? well, the woman that plays the main character in the Birds, has a part in this Huckabee flick. and another thing, she drops the F bomb in the movie. what in the world?? totally didn’t expect it… thought that she was the good wholesome type for crying out loud! anyway, enough about that movie. even though it made me laugh at some parts, i walked out of it thinking “Dang, glad i didn’t pay for this movie.” i think i feel that way because of all of the f bombs and ridiculous vulgarity. Jude Law breastfeeding another man… not my thing. :( no thank you.

back to reality- it is way too late and i’m up typing into the laptop again. and i’ve got to say that i’m kinda hungry too. i wouldn’t be so hungry if Taco Bueno would not have forgotten to give me my taco! Mel & i went through the drive-thru on our way to the theatre… i ordered one burrito & one taco… what did i have when we arrived to the theatre and inspected our bag?? one lonely burrito… so, that’s what i had for dinner. guess i shouldn’t complain though… there are worse things in this world than a missing taco. just remember to always check your bag before leaving that drive-thru folks.
just in case you haven’t noticed, i’m not really keen on using correct grammar or punctuation or capitalization on this blog of mine. oh well, get over it.
i’m going to sleep now. sweet dreams. thanks for reading.

me and Jack Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In Europe?

One of our clients in Europe:
Very cool. Kinda makes me want to move to London.

Ghetto Potato

okay, so here’s the deal with me and this blogging thing. i’m thinking how bad could this really be to keep up with?? Here’s another thing- i don’t have internet service at home right now…. and probably won’t anytime soon. Sad isn’t it? Oh well, saving $ is more important. But I think it would be good for me (therapeutic) if i typed stuff into my laptop in the evenings to unwind and then took it to work in the mornings to load onto my blog before starting my day or during a break or something… ha. i may find out that this is not a good idea… i don’t know… i’ll give it a shot though.
so, i’m here under the covers, typing on the laptop. i should be sleeping. but i can’t go to sleep most of the time anyway… my brain won’t shut down.
i was just talking to a friend about how these blog things make you so dang vulnerable. that’s another reason i wouldn’t jump into it right away. but i decided to take the plunge thinking that it’s highly unlikely that people are really going to read it on a regular basis anyway… so i’m safe to a certain degree. i’ve only let a small handful of folks know about this anyway… besides, how many perfect strangers are actually going to check this out? i guess there might be professional blogger readers out there somewhere… all they do all day long is read blogs…? you think?
here’s the funny thing, i actually started a “journal” of sorts typing into my laptop a long time ago… when i was in college and needed to get things out. i used to type it in and save it to a disk… that’s right, i said disk. i went to the trouble of finding that disk tonight and read through my “entries”. i really poured my heart out. it was good for me to go back and read. along the same lines, i’m thinking this blogging might be good for me if i actually keep up with it. it’s really no different than what i used to do anyway… it’s just online… whatever.
hmm… judging by some of those old entries i read tonight… i think i tend to get too philosophical at night. yikes!
can i just say that i ate a “Sutphen’s Potato” a.k.a. “Ghetto Potato” for dinner from Sutphen’s & Big Daddy’s BBQ tonight and there are very few other things in life that can make me so happy. Okay, just kidding, but I do love myself some Ghetto Potato. Ain’t no denying it. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

here we go...

so, to post a comment on Summer's blog, i had to sign up for one of my own. Here you have it folks... my very first blogging experience. Whooflippinhoo!