Tuesday, October 26, 2004

habla espanol? intelligente ano!

okay, so i’m taking this spanish class… it’s from 6p-9p every Monday night. we only have one class left… so, after next week, i should be able to speak espanol, no problemo. right…anyway, our spanish teacher is one cool lady. she’s mentioned a few times that she comes from a very wealthy family of politicians in Columbia… kinda makes me wonder… but anyway, she’s pretty cool. unfortunately, we were learning and going over how to say different holiday greetings like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc… pretty boring stuff.
But then some guy in our class asked about how you say ‘Happy Halloween’ in spanish. Well, the next we know, our teacher is going on and on about it and how it is the day of the dead or dia de las brujas. turned into a very interesting lesson. i was very glad to hear about what halloween means to her… the spiritual warfare involved. I understand that to some people, Halloween is a day of innocent fun & candy… but there is a whole other side of it that a lot of people are totally oblivious to. She went on to tell us about how at one point in her life, she was involved in ‘white magic’ and she was a witch. she told us about the sacrifices they would make on October 31 and the chants or spells they would say to try to “influence” the minds of children and teenagers. she went on to tell us about how one day she was screaming out to God saying things like “are You real?? Show Yourself!”
Well, she said that it was right then and there that she met “the Lord”. “you know when you meet the Lord”, she said, “there is no mistaking Him for anyone else.” I thought that was so freakin’ cool. She is a Christian now… no more white magic for her. She has a very cool life story.
She is so unashamed of Christ & it’s so refreshing to me. A lot of “christians” don’t even know who Christ is… they don’t take the time to try and get to know Him. He’s at the door and He’s knocking for crying out loud!!! He’s freakin’ knocking at the door of your heart and all you have to say is “Okay, I want to get to know you too, come on in. I want You in my life and I want to get to know You. Be my God- Be my Lord- You take the reins.” then you spend as much time as you can talking to Him and stopping to listen to Him for direction… as much time as you can- that might be a little or it might be a lot… just do what you can…. how freakin’ hard is that???????? tell me!!!!!!!! there’s that book called the Bible to help you too.
He sacrificed too much to not be taken seriously… that’s all i’m saying.

Friday, October 22, 2004

it's Friday

hey, well, today is Friday and I'm so glad about that! I need a break from work in a bad way.
i've been thinking about that huckabee movie more... i might have been too harsh about it... but it's definitely not something you want to take kids to watch.
anyway, figured out how to put a pic on here yesterday... so now you can see a picture of my little cousin Jack & me. Wish I lived closer to my extended family... don't get to see them much. I was in Kansas this past weekend and really enjoyed seeing many of them... hopefully we can ALL get together for Thanksgiving.
I have to say that Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Especially love it when we are able to get together with most of the fam.
I'm beginning to think that I might want to have more kids than I originally have thought before. Oh well, the time will come when those decisions are made... now is not it.
It's Oktoberfest in Tulsa this weekend... it's the german drinking fest thing. I went last year... and yes, i was sober the whole time... but it was funny to go into the tent where they are all do the german dancing & most of them are pretty drunk so it's very funny to watch. you've got to experience drunk germans dancing at least 1 time in your life!
Okay, my break is over. Back to work!

Thursday, October 21, 2004


so tonight some friends and i went to an advanced showing of that huckabees movie. hmmm… what a flick… okay, in my humble opinion, the best thing about that movie was mark wahlberg’s performance. the guy was very funny in some parts… there were a couple scenes he had the whole theatre roaring. then there were the slightly disturbing scenes that were way too much… people were saying “SICK!” etc. i can’t stand the out of control scenes… and the language was out of control too. it was quite the little philosophical movie- but with that never-ending thing. i love that lady that plays hoffman’s wife… i can never remember her name but i do remember watching her on Sesame Street. c’mon, please tell me you remember the lady that sat in the OVERSIZED rocking chair and talked like she had a constant sinus infection... pretending to be a kid? i loved her… i’ve always thought that she’s so funny… it’s that dry sense of humor thing. i think she might have been in that “9 to 5” movie w/Dolly Parton??? anyway, back to the huckabees… not sure it’s a movie that i’d recommend seeing?? there was another familiar face that is worth mentioning though… especially for you Hitchcock fans. seen the Birds movie? well, the woman that plays the main character in the Birds, has a part in this Huckabee flick. and another thing, she drops the F bomb in the movie. what in the world?? totally didn’t expect it… thought that she was the good wholesome type for crying out loud! anyway, enough about that movie. even though it made me laugh at some parts, i walked out of it thinking “Dang, glad i didn’t pay for this movie.” i think i feel that way because of all of the f bombs and ridiculous vulgarity. Jude Law breastfeeding another man… not my thing. :( no thank you.

back to reality- it is way too late and i’m up typing into the laptop again. and i’ve got to say that i’m kinda hungry too. i wouldn’t be so hungry if Taco Bueno would not have forgotten to give me my taco! Mel & i went through the drive-thru on our way to the theatre… i ordered one burrito & one taco… what did i have when we arrived to the theatre and inspected our bag?? one lonely burrito… so, that’s what i had for dinner. guess i shouldn’t complain though… there are worse things in this world than a missing taco. just remember to always check your bag before leaving that drive-thru folks.
just in case you haven’t noticed, i’m not really keen on using correct grammar or punctuation or capitalization on this blog of mine. oh well, get over it.
i’m going to sleep now. sweet dreams. thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In Europe?

One of our clients in Europe: http://www.nextwaveonline.com/
Very cool. Kinda makes me want to move to London.

Ghetto Potato

okay, so here’s the deal with me and this blogging thing. i’m thinking how bad could this really be to keep up with?? Here’s another thing- i don’t have internet service at home right now…. and probably won’t anytime soon. Sad isn’t it? Oh well, saving $ is more important. But I think it would be good for me (therapeutic) if i typed stuff into my laptop in the evenings to unwind and then took it to work in the mornings to load onto my blog before starting my day or during a break or something… ha. i may find out that this is not a good idea… i don’t know… i’ll give it a shot though.
so, i’m here under the covers, typing on the laptop. i should be sleeping. but i can’t go to sleep most of the time anyway… my brain won’t shut down.
i was just talking to a friend about how these blog things make you so dang vulnerable. that’s another reason i wouldn’t jump into it right away. but i decided to take the plunge thinking that it’s highly unlikely that people are really going to read it on a regular basis anyway… so i’m safe to a certain degree. i’ve only let a small handful of folks know about this anyway… besides, how many perfect strangers are actually going to check this out? i guess there might be professional blogger readers out there somewhere… all they do all day long is read blogs…? you think?
here’s the funny thing, i actually started a “journal” of sorts typing into my laptop a long time ago… when i was in college and needed to get things out. i used to type it in and save it to a disk… that’s right, i said disk. i went to the trouble of finding that disk tonight and read through my “entries”. i really poured my heart out. it was good for me to go back and read. along the same lines, i’m thinking this blogging might be good for me if i actually keep up with it. it’s really no different than what i used to do anyway… it’s just online… whatever.
hmm… judging by some of those old entries i read tonight… i think i tend to get too philosophical at night. yikes!
can i just say that i ate a “Sutphen’s Potato” a.k.a. “Ghetto Potato” for dinner from Sutphen’s & Big Daddy’s BBQ tonight and there are very few other things in life that can make me so happy. Okay, just kidding, but I do love myself some Ghetto Potato. Ain’t no denying it. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

here we go...

so, to post a comment on Summer's blog, i had to sign up for one of my own. Here you have it folks... my very first blogging experience. Whooflippinhoo!