Tuesday, October 26, 2004

habla espanol? intelligente ano!

okay, so i’m taking this spanish class… it’s from 6p-9p every Monday night. we only have one class left… so, after next week, i should be able to speak espanol, no problemo. right…anyway, our spanish teacher is one cool lady. she’s mentioned a few times that she comes from a very wealthy family of politicians in Columbia… kinda makes me wonder… but anyway, she’s pretty cool. unfortunately, we were learning and going over how to say different holiday greetings like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc… pretty boring stuff.
But then some guy in our class asked about how you say ‘Happy Halloween’ in spanish. Well, the next we know, our teacher is going on and on about it and how it is the day of the dead or dia de las brujas. turned into a very interesting lesson. i was very glad to hear about what halloween means to her… the spiritual warfare involved. I understand that to some people, Halloween is a day of innocent fun & candy… but there is a whole other side of it that a lot of people are totally oblivious to. She went on to tell us about how at one point in her life, she was involved in ‘white magic’ and she was a witch. she told us about the sacrifices they would make on October 31 and the chants or spells they would say to try to “influence” the minds of children and teenagers. she went on to tell us about how one day she was screaming out to God saying things like “are You real?? Show Yourself!”
Well, she said that it was right then and there that she met “the Lord”. “you know when you meet the Lord”, she said, “there is no mistaking Him for anyone else.” I thought that was so freakin’ cool. She is a Christian now… no more white magic for her. She has a very cool life story.
She is so unashamed of Christ & it’s so refreshing to me. A lot of “christians” don’t even know who Christ is… they don’t take the time to try and get to know Him. He’s at the door and He’s knocking for crying out loud!!! He’s freakin’ knocking at the door of your heart and all you have to say is “Okay, I want to get to know you too, come on in. I want You in my life and I want to get to know You. Be my God- Be my Lord- You take the reins.” then you spend as much time as you can talking to Him and stopping to listen to Him for direction… as much time as you can- that might be a little or it might be a lot… just do what you can…. how freakin’ hard is that???????? tell me!!!!!!!! there’s that book called the Bible to help you too.
He sacrificed too much to not be taken seriously… that’s all i’m saying.


Tim & Cynthia Johnston said...

Well that might be all you are saying but let me tell you said a great deal. I see our class has made an inpact on you so you may not be speaking perfect Spanish but sometimes we go looking for one thing and find something else. Weird how God does that. Anyway you did a great job on this Hamla Espanol? Intelligent Ano!


Tim & Cynthia Johnston said...

Way to go, Lambie! I, too, was impressed with Lillianna's testimonial tirade against the celebration of death and giving us a glimpse behind the brightly colored masks of innocence. You were right about her unabashedly declaring her Christianity. Who says we aren't learning anything in Spanish Class? Not me!!! Keep on bloggin!

kristin said...


Summertime said...

Hey there I am glad that you are learning something on BMC's money!!!

I think that sometimes when people declare the truth and have the opportunity to do so, it is our responsibility as Christians to realize that others may be uncomfortable by the message of the gospel, as well as the restimonies leading up to that... So, I am so glad that that lady took her opportunity- no matter who was uncomfortable!

Stephanie said...

Where are you Kristin?

pijus said...

Well...Halloween is an american imported celebration for us, the spanish, and I must say that some people celebrate it, but not all of us....so I guess it's not as popular as in the states. And we just call it "Halloween"...we don't use to translate the name, although it's also called "La noche de los muertos vivientes" ! Hope it helped! :)