Monday, December 13, 2004

“Immunity” is up for grabs

anyone can look in my laptop, look at the desktop, look in my favorites, look at some of my documents, and find me… find my heart. interesting thing… i rediscovered my own heart a few seconds ago- looking at the list of my favorites. of course, at first glance, it may not define anything for most people looking at my list, but to me it does. anyway, enough about that.

so, my friends and i watch “Survivor”. We’re pretty committed fans. while I was driving home, i was thinking about how badly it annoys me how & what people will do and put “on the line” to get ahead. i have watched “Survivor” from the very first season- I’m not new to this- it’s not like i’m just now realizing people do this- it’s just that it’s really getting old. i used to think that i’d like to be on the show, but now i’m thinking, no thanks. i have my own little jungle to survive- the building in which i work & the people in it. it’s a hard game, life. your integrity is tested, your strengths, your weaknesses, your honesty, your values… it’s just not televised on national TV. the producers purposely put folks in that show that are going to CLASH and test one another… sometimes i wonder if the producer of my show has done the same thing. Everyday and every moment of your life is a test… do you give up your integrity & your values to get to the top? i hope not. i wonder what some of us would really think about our coworkers or employees or bosses if we really knew what they were up to or what they were saying behind closed doors. would we be shocked? what’s funny about the show “Survivor” is that they never know what the other people are saying to the cameras until after it’s all said & done… when they’re at home watching it on TV. at the reunions, they sometimes will say “i was surprised to see” this or that… what “he or she was really thinking and what he or she was really saying”. hmmm…. if only the rest of us could watch our own shows and have that opportunity to see who the people in our “tribe” really are. i guess when things are all said and done… we will find out.
in a way, i sometimes use this “blog” thing as my “Survivor” camera… but only sometimes.


Tim & Cynthia Johnston said...

Very thought provoking stuff, Lambie! Thanks for the good read. Miss seeing you on Tuesday nights but don't miss Spanish class at all! Have a great week!

Abi said...

Great perspective Kristin.

Stephanie said...

kristin- you rock the casbah- and crack me up! You are a cool cat. Love ya and miss ya!