Tuesday, December 14, 2004

tuna & terms last night

okay, yes, my weekend... yeah, it's Tuesday night and i'm just now reporting the weekend stuff. i watched a couple movies- one old and one new. I watched the 'ole classic While You Were Sleeping which i absolutely love. "Nice... uh... nice... schweater." I also went to see Ocean's 12. Did I like it? Yes. It is smart, funny, and worth the $ in my opinion. however, i'm sad to report that there were several times when i felt like the only people laughing in the whole dang theater were my friend and i. what was that about? were we in a theater full of boring, no-humor people or what? anyway, i liked it and i think my favorite scenes were Julia's "acting" scenes where she becomes involved w/the crime. okay, enough about that.
my shopping experience this weekend was not enjoyable. for some reason, i was not able to find anything christmasy like i was looking for! oh well, no big deal. i enjoyed walking around the mall anyway.
i went to starbucks twice on saturday night- that was one of the best ideas i've had in awhile... anyway, enough about my weekend.
last night, after work, i went home because i had laundry to do. i went to the kitchen to grab dinner- only to find NOTHING. that's right, nothing. i don't know why i bother even going into my kitchen when hunger strikes. i'm never home, thus little to no food can be found there. so, i had a can of tuna for my dinner. sad, i know. oh well. anyway, i flipped on the TV and watched Terms of Endearment. I had never watched this movie but always heard things about it- so i watched it. i thought it was alright... not sure what all the talk has been about. i enjoyed McClaine's performance... but i don't know.... whatever. i'd watch it again, sure, but i wouldn't purchase it for my video library or anything. it's an odd flick.
well, i'm the last person in the building so i think i'll be leaving now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you did not find any good stuff shopping. I never find anything I like when that is what I am our looking for, so if I see something I like when I am not out for me I better grab it because it won't be there next time. You know I am the shopping expert. I as well went to Starbucks this weekend they should be rich just from BMC employees. I enjoyed the read.


Summertime said...

Yeah, I agree with you on Terms of Endearment. I think it was a thing with Debra Winger, you know. She was like the Julia Roberts of yesterday for a short while. It seems as though our parent's generation loved anything she did, and having Shirley McClaine in it smoothed out the edges.

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