Saturday, April 19, 2008

investigative report on Israel

over 10 years ago i had the opportunity to visit Israel. as a Christ follower, i have always been intrigued by the Holy Land... and my short trip there only reinforced the nation's sanctity in my heart and soul. it is undoubtedly the Holy Land. if you ever have to opportunity to visit Israel, I suggest you go. go walk the streets where Christ and other Biblical heroes have walked and find out for yourself.

I saw a new series the other day that I'm pretty excited about... it's about Israel and it looks pretty dang cool. It's called Against All Odds.
Check out the purpose of the series on their website:
"Given the circumstances surrounding Israel's birth as a nation, and the odds against its survival, Israel should not exist as a nation today...
Journalist Michael Greenspan confronts military leaders, battle commanders, strategists, and common soldiers on the field who provide their viewpoints of remarkable stories of heroism and bravery...some that defy human understanding...
How did Hebrew become the only dead language in history to be revived after 2,000 years? Why would millions of people from around the world leave their homes and move to a desert wasteland to build new lives for themselves? How did these people manage to turn a land more than 80% desert into one of the largest food and flower exporters in the world? Why have incredible achievements in science, medicine, and new technologies happened here in greater concentration than anywhere else? There are no logical answers. Some say these things can only be explained as miracles."

oh, and by the way,
Michael Greenspan (
former senior correspondent for CNN) was a confirmed agnostic at the outset of the project. there's 13 parts to this series... i'm thinking it's probably worth checking out.