Tuesday, November 30, 2004


well, things are good.
thanksgiving holiday with family was interesting... fun times, fun times. and yes, i say that in a "Bueller" tone... as I do with most everything i say... I can't help it, it's hereditary. http://www.idiotsavant.com/ftp/sounds/bueller.wav
For example, my brother and i went to go see "Finding Neverland" with my roommate. After the movie, she asks us "Did you guys like it?" To which we responded, "Yeah, it was good." She said "did either of you cry?!" To which we said, "No... but it was good... " And then she said, "Nevermind, I forgot I was talking to the Lambs." The thing of it is, we Lambs are not known for our dramatic and emotional performances. Actually, it's the lack thereof that we're known for. We're pretty dry sometimes, but hey, that's what makes things funny... what can I say? i think our dryness makes great comedy sometimes. at other times, it's a real pain. for example, my roommate & i went to walmart the other night & she wanted to get some Christmasy stuff to decorate our place. well, went over to look at all that stuff & she starts picking things up saying "this is cute... that's cute... what do you think about that... it's cute... that'd look great, this would look great too, what about that...?" and i said "yeah, that's cute. yup, that's cute too. i like that santa... i like that tablecloth... yeah, that's cute." but, i guess my lack of enthusiasm made her doubt the authenticity of my answers. needless to say, we didn't get anything. :) oh well, the bueller tone is a blessing and a curse.
things at work are going to be crazy today- it being the last day of the month! yippee!
bye for now.

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