Wednesday, November 24, 2004

written 11/23/04 around 11:15pm+ on my laptop

okay, i’m convinced that i do my “best thinking”
1) getting ready for work in the morning
2) driving in my car
3) at night- usually late at night when i’m near the brink of exhaustion
and you know what? these are all 3 scenarios of what? times i’m by myself… apparently, i do my best thinking alone… probably because that’s when i can hear God more clearly… or maybe that’s when He’s able to get through to me. there’s a thought for you. slow down & shut up every once in awhile. no new news to anyone, i’m sure. we all could use this reminder though, right? who said “if you can get a man to slow down & be quiet long enough…He’ll find God”??? or something like that anyway… can’t remember the exact quote or who said it. yup, He’s waiting for us to listen.
i just realized that the way i talk sometimes makes it sound like i never listen to God or spend quality time w/Him… that’s not true. but it’s none of your concern anyway… it’s no-one’s business but mine. there’s a time & place for everything & everyone.
Dr. Wayne Myers & his wife, Martha, came to visit our office today. Very, very enjoyable people. Love them!!!
my laptop is acting screwy… it’s tired & so am i… better call it a night.


Summertime said...

It's ironic that you do your thinking when you're supposed to be doing other things. It's like that for me too.

Anonymous said...

Well you know what they say God will speak if he can get us to shut up. I am glad God did not say it like that. Well I am just glad he speaks whenever it is.