Thursday, December 16, 2004

**sniffle** cough** sniffle**

this is nuts.
i went to walgreen's to buy some cold medicine & felt like i was getting the third degree. no joke. it would've been easier(and probably more pleasant) for me to go buy some "old-fashioned cold medicine" down at the liquor store. you know, since there are so many folks making crazy drugs out of sudafed & things like that, they don't sell it off the shelves anymore. so, i walked up to the pharmacy counter w/my little card for the medicine, and this lady who looks like she just left a job at the FBI walks up to help me. "Claritin D? This stuff helps" as she gives me the eye & looks me over(as if i look like a drugie?). Then she asks for the driver's license. Which i pull out of my wallet. i have the old one still... you know the old laminated kind. and i said, "here you go, i still have one of the old ones, haha..." you know, i was trying to be nice... but i don't know why i said that because the next thing i know, she starts truly investigating my D.L. to see if it's homemade or something. For crying out loud- you can tell i have a cold just by the sound of my voice anf my sniffling! anyway, she decides my D.L. is legal and gets out her little notebook where they log everyone's name in who buys cold medicine and the like. she starts writing in my name & gets to the address section. "you sure are far away from home... hmm...?" in an insinuating tone. (i still have my old address on there.) anyway, i kinda ignored that comment w/a "eemmhm". and about 15 minutes later... after a little more ridiculous stuff... i got the med and was out of there. funny, huh...? sorta.... not?


Stephanie said...

Wow- that would have been comical if you didn't feel like terds... :) I'm coming down with a cold too... what a pain! At least it is Friday night and I have the whole weekend to rest and relax.

Stephanie said...

Are you feeling any better? I've been sick since Friday... and today is Wednesday... what a bummer! I'm hoping I'll be feeling better for Christmas. Thanks for the super-duper Christmas present- I listen to your voices everyday! Hahahaha- that was an ingenius gift. I've watched the DVD, skimmed one book and am looking forward to the next... You are the best- Love ya!