Thursday, December 02, 2004

thanks SSS!

okay, my PC is slow today. wheww!
so, a few people who've read this blog say that i'm not really as bad as the Bueller tone. good to know- good to know. it's also great to know that i'm not the only one reading my blog. :)

anyway, we're doing this "Secret Santa Sister" at work and I've received a wonderful gift. what is it? a Starbucks gift card. what a wonderful way to spread the joy of Christmas.... thank you, SSS.

okay, unfortunately, since my lunch break is over, i gotta jet. but i figured that i had just enough time to throw a little at you for a second.... so i did.
if you get the chance and are interested, see
i work with chris- he always has very interesting topics-
good read, good read.


Summertime said...

Well, let me just say that my SSS gift is COOLER than yours... It's a CUTE CUTE snowman figurine and it has character. Your Starbucks has nothin' on that!

kristin said...

you BETTER watch yo'self! i love my starbucks card!

Anonymous said...

well you changed it!! I now can post!!! Good job. It is cool getting to read about people and the things they do. A blog would have been great when Bethany was in Japan. Cynthia