Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Adam, Dad, & Jared at Goldie's on our recent trip to Norman. Posted by Picasa

Ingrid, Melinda, & Brian! Posted by Picasa

Ingrid, me, & Bethany "BeatDown" Jones. Posted by Picasa

Ingrid & me- she paid a visit Labor Day weekend. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mister Roger's Neighborhood

if it were an option, I would adopt our little neighborhood kid.
he’s such a good little guy. his name is Collin and he’s 9 years old. sometimes I pay him to help with yardwork or whatever… but last night he said “I just want to help for free”. ahh... how cute... makes me feel like i live in Mister Roger's Neighborhood when he offers to sweep my driveway or sidewalk... just for the joy & warmth it brings to his little heart...

you think he’s just working on me? nnnaaaahh…… he’s truly a good kid. he cracks me up too.
I wish I could record some of our conversations and so you could hear what comes out of his mouth. he’s gone through a lot in his little life already… more than a lot of adults I know. sad… he’s had to “grow up” more than a lot of adults I know too.

hmm… all I have to say is you should never underestimate a 9 year old. :)

interactive posters… what will advertisers think of next? seriously, look at this:
dang, if you ask me, it might spook some people…. could be a lot of fun though.
you know it will definitely grab people’s attention.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i stand corrected.

well- good news- I stand corrected. the little email subscription notice thing DOES work. whooflippinhoo. so, have at it… if you’re so inclined. and you can always unsubscribe if you get sick of it… which is very possible.

so here’s something annoying: I got some very dirty unwanted spam comments overnight. I immediately deleted them. ugh- I hate junk like that! anyway, so, now you’ll have to do a word verification when dropping me a comment because I don’t want anymore junk like that… yuck.

surprised that I haven’t mentioned anything about the hurricane? well, I really don’t know what to say about it… it’s a sad thing that is going to take a lot of work for a long time… from a lot of people. even if they don’t rebuild in New Orleans… thousands of people will have to rebuild somewhere. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in their shoes. the best thing I know to do is to give to the relief funds & pray.

if you haven’t noticed… I’ve tried to avoid talking about anything sobering, serious, or spiritual lately. the last couple weeks have been crazy! I’ll get around to getting out all that serious junk later. :)

on a different note, whoohoo for shopping. Ingrid & I did a little shopping this weekend & I got some new bedding. yeah! it coordinates well with my black furniture. for some reason the pattern reminds me of India.

this weekend's purchase...

my new bedding.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

yeah for Labor Day weekend!

well folks, I had a fabulous 3 day weekend. hope you all did too.
My dear friend Ingrid came into town & we got together with tons of friends. Good times! i'll put a couple pics up before too long. unfortunately... i think that any weight that i had lost... i gained back this weekend. oh well... the cheesecake was totally worth it.

so i added the "subscribe" feature via bloglet last week but i'm not sure it works properly... so for the handful of you that actually keep up with my blog... i guess you'll just have to keep me in your favs for now.