Monday, November 22, 2004

ever seen Motor-Mouth on VH1?

well, here we are folks. i'm back from St.Louis & Kansas City... had good trips this weekend. Good times. Posted a couple pics tonight. one from a previous business trip & one of an OU game awhile back.
put several miles on my car this weekend... what else is it for anyway, right?
it's hard for me to post something on here about anything other than "work stuff" at the moment... just because that's where all my thoughts are right now... it's been a busy day.
i drove back from K.C. by myself & it was raining almost all the way back... just about the whole 4 hours. i was hoping i'd see a starbucks billboard off of the highway somewhere- but noooooo- nothing. i was struggling at some points... i needed caffeine. i turned up my music loud & made myself sing along to stay awake. when i came to a rest stop, i put $ in the vending machine but nothing came out... i couldn't even get caffeine at the dang rest stop. so i just kept going... i passed by the trucker's gas stops... didn't want to get myself into any unwanted adventure. in the end, i made it home okay w/out starbucks or dr. pepper. i'm just glad i wasn't unknowingly a contestant on Motor-Mouth.
you know what i'd like? i'd like to own a starbucks one day... at least one. add that to my checklist of things to do in my lifetime. and you know what? when i own my starbucks, i'm putting a dang billboard on the highway for the po' folks driving home by themselves that just need a little love from the beautiful starbucks bean. speaking of starbucks... i love the peppermint mocha during the holidays... you should try it... you'll like it.

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