Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Everything is going to be okay.

one of my favorite teachers in highschool was Mr. Cap.
Every day Mr. Cap would say "Everything is going to be OKAY."
Yes, every day. I'm not kidding. Every day.
I remember one particular day where he threw a pop test at us... NOT a quiz... a pop TEST. you know, a biggie, the kind that can really hurt you if you screw up?
Well, everyone started freaking out: "BUT MR. CAP, YOU DIDN'T TELL US ABOUT THIS! WHAT IF WE FAIL?!"
and I remember saying to him: "Are you kidding me?! You could of at least warned us... I'm gonna fail this." To which he said "Like you would have studied anyway? C'mon. Let me tell you something- you're not going to care about this 2 years from now. You're not going to care about this 5 years from now. You're not going to care about this 10 years and especially not 20 years from now... TRUST ME... EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY. Sometimes life throws you things you're not expecting... and that's just too bad... but everything will be okay."
I cannot tell you how much I think of this. Usually at least once a month- but here lately- it's been more like once a week. Kristin, everything is going to be okay.
Just recently my boss lost one of his best buddies in a tragic accident. It was sudden. Unexpected. He was gone. I did not know this man but I've heard wonderful things about him. And then just a week ago, one of the administrators of the highschool I attended passed away after a courageous fight with cancer. Chip Olin was one of the most reliable and kind men I've ever met. He constantly served and encouraged other people... his life was truly about serving others. Chip's memorial service was Monday... it was a great service.
guess who I saw at the service? Mr. Cap.
And what did he say to me?
"Everything is going to be okay."

Sometimes it doesn't feel okay- sometimes when you lose someone you love it doesn't feel like things will EVER feel okay AGAIN. BUT you will be okay. When you feel like things will never change & you'll never get out of the prison you're trapped in-- when you've been betrayed-- when you've been forgotten-- when you've been abused-- when you've hit an unexpected bump in the road-- when you've been misunderstood-- when you've been rejected-- everything will be okay.
How can I be sure?
One of the hymns we sang at Chip's memorial was "In Christ Alone".
you should buy it on iTunes.
The lyrics are powerful.

this weekend one of my closest friends gave birth to a little 7.5 healthy baby boy. Logan is awesome. Mel said that when he was born he heard Brian's voice and immediately looked in his direction... how cool is that? Yup, we had some quality hang time... it's not very often I get to hang out with people who are 5.5 hours old. He was extremely alert... wide-eyed and ready to see what this world is all about. Just 5.5 hours old and already curious about what's going on. He's got his whole life ahead of him... and he's wiggling and ready to start learning, experiencing, living... he even came 2 weeks early so he could get a head start!
You know how newborns can't really visually focus with their eyes at first? I googled about it today and found that
newborns can only focus eight to twelve inches. They can't see the distance. Yup, I'm like that. Can't see what's ahead- I can only see the few inches that are right in front of me. I can't see the things that are far away... so i just have to follow the sound of the voice holding me... the sounds of the voices I recognize and trust the most.
Life is an amazing journey. Sunday I'm holding a new-born baby and the next day I'm attending a memorial service... there is a time for everything. Seasons change, the circle of life continues... regardless of how we might try to slow it down or speed it up. It's God's timing... and we just have to get used to trusting that Everything is going to be okay.

Thanks Mr. Cap.