Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i'm a fastfood junkie

whoohoo- another day done. i'm listening to Josh Groban to calm my nerves... i'm pretty sure this guy could easily win over any girl's heart just by singing for a few minutes. i especially LOVE "Remember When It Rained"... might be a song to remember to add to the "wedding list 'o songs".
you know, i like to just throw junk on here at the end of the day... silly stuff... serious stuff... whatever. i was wondering today whether or not some people might get on other people's blogs & read archived stuff or do they just read the first thing they see & judge you by that? i ususally take the time to read more than one entry when i'm visiting other's blogs for the first time.
you know, i rarely cook or go to the grocery store. it's almost more wasteful for me to- because i'm rarely at home & if i buy groceries, they go bad before i can eat them. yup, i pretty much eat out for lunch & dinner every day. it's taking a toll on me though... i need to start eating salad & then more salad. hmm... maybe i'll do that tonight... wendy's has okay salads.
how sad is it that all i have to talk about is food today?
let's talk about more food- Thanksgiving. actually, Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of all time... and it's not because of the food... it's because i love my family & i love when i get to hang out with them. crazy, but true. as far as the food goes- it's great- but i'll be keeping my thanksgiving meal experience down to one "helping" this year as opposed to going back for "seconds".
i love my life. i love my family. i love my friends. i'm feeling very thankful right now... to the point of risking cheeziness. God has blessed me soooo much in my life... and none of us really deserve any of His blessings.
well, i better call it a night & go get that salad.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (especially Steph & Matt http://www.stephanie.sweetgrassbotanical.com/ - who i'll be thinking of & praying for while i eat some turkey this year.)
much love~

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Stephanie said...

Thanks Kristin- You rock! Enjoy your turkey and family! Hehehe.

I think you should go back for seconds... you only eat Thanksgiving dinner once a year.

They don't have salads here... I mean everything they eat is vegetables but there is no dish that is a Western-style salad. Crazy. I miss them.

I always read several blog entries... never just one!