Friday, December 10, 2004

making this quick->

well, it's almost 6pm on friday night! and i gotta get the heck outta here(i'm still at work)! this was a crazy week. it's always crazy in december.
good news- i got my "vision" plan back on my cell phone, so i can start taking more pics & sending them! whoohoo! the funny thing is, i exchange pics w/co-workers more than anyone else! how sad.
i'm gonna go shopping this weekend, i'm gonna go to the movies, whoohoo! can't wait!
i'll type at you guys on monday- thanks for stopping by. much love!
p.s. check out my crazy friend abi- she's new to the blog scene- but she's gonna do great.


Summertime said...

Sure, Abi gets a plug.....

Anonymous said...

Okay tell me about your shopping and your movie. Can't wait to read about it.