Monday, November 15, 2004

good to be back.

oh, how very good it is to be back home. things at grandma's... well... it ain't too lively at her place. she had back surgery last year. it's slowed her down quite a bit. i feel bad for her. so anyway, we didn't do too much. we went shopping one day, we ate out at every meal... fun times.
i flew there. i very large man sat next to me in the plane & busted out a salad that he had concealed. He proceeded to consume his salad & all the while spilling it all over himself & those of us sitting on either side of him. very pleasant man... yes, i say that in a sarcastic tone. it was a scene from out of a movie... i've never seen anyone eat like that before... kinda like cookie monster. my blog entries keep coming back to seasame street for some reason.
grandma & i drove back to t-town last night. i wan't able to get behind the wheel until we were about 80 mile from home. needless to say, it was a long trip. but i'm glad i went. speaking of grandma, i gotta jet. she's still in town and she's insisting that we have dinner tonight. lucky for me, she loves mexican food almost as much as i do. :) check you all later.


Tim & Cynthia Johnston said...

Wow! What a trip on the plane. I have seen people like that in resturants...but thank God I have never sat next to one on a plane, talk about travel from hell. I for one and glad you made it back safe and sound. I missed having you at work to give a hard time. I hope your trip to St. Louis and Kansas is much more plesant.


Summertime said...

I'm sure that was quite comical. I wish cool stuff like that would happen to me!