Friday, October 22, 2004

it's Friday

hey, well, today is Friday and I'm so glad about that! I need a break from work in a bad way.
i've been thinking about that huckabee movie more... i might have been too harsh about it... but it's definitely not something you want to take kids to watch.
anyway, figured out how to put a pic on here yesterday... so now you can see a picture of my little cousin Jack & me. Wish I lived closer to my extended family... don't get to see them much. I was in Kansas this past weekend and really enjoyed seeing many of them... hopefully we can ALL get together for Thanksgiving.
I have to say that Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Especially love it when we are able to get together with most of the fam.
I'm beginning to think that I might want to have more kids than I originally have thought before. Oh well, the time will come when those decisions are made... now is not it.
It's Oktoberfest in Tulsa this weekend... it's the german drinking fest thing. I went last year... and yes, i was sober the whole time... but it was funny to go into the tent where they are all do the german dancing & most of them are pretty drunk so it's very funny to watch. you've got to experience drunk germans dancing at least 1 time in your life!
Okay, my break is over. Back to work!

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