Wednesday, December 08, 2004

story worth telling

I’m on Chapter 13 of a great book. I’m reading Perpetua by Amy Rachel Peterson. You can probably find it at if you’re interested. It’s based on true events and on the original Latin source of this young wealthy “noblewoman” who died a martyr in A.D. 202 or 203. She was from a family of senatorial status in Carthage. Perpetua left behind a diary that the author studied.
Reminds me of Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc… or at least what I’ve read of it. Mark Twain spent 12 years in research for Joan of Arc! I find that so amazing. I appreciate these kinds of authors… the kinds who know that every person in history has not only a story worth researching but also a story worth telling. Twain once said, “I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well. And besides, it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation, and two years of writing. The others needed no preparation and got none.” How cool is that?
Anyway, back to Perpetua. I really like it. At first, it took me awhile to get into, but now I become Perpetua every time I dive into the book… because you know all of her thoughts… and feelings. She doesn’t know what to think of this new religion that her brother & mother have converted to. She soon realizes that the pagan gods she’s been raised to worship are nothing but stone. Has she always believed that there’s only one God? How can that be? What does He want from her?
The funny thing is I’m not much of a reader. I read every once in awhile… but I’m usually too busy with other things… busy social life, etc. However, one of my friends (Ingrid) has been successful in throwing books my way & insisting I read them. I’m glad for it… I’ve decided it’s probably better for me to read a book at late at night rather than watch TV until I have all of the commercials memorized. Ingrid didn’t suggest this book- I picked up Perpetua while I was in Kansas City last month.
Speaking of K.C., man, i love that place.


Anonymous said...

Well that was very good reading. Speaking of reading I need to get you Shipping Christmas. I will try and remember it tomorrow so you can get it in before Christmas.


mariam said...

hi lambie-
i haven't read all of your journal yet, but just this most recent on your reading journeys.
sarah introduced me to a great book called 'the passion of artemesia" it's a historical fiction about an italian artist, and what she had to go through as a female artist back in the day,, very Very good.
i think you would like it a lot,,,