Thursday, October 21, 2004


so tonight some friends and i went to an advanced showing of that huckabees movie. hmmm… what a flick… okay, in my humble opinion, the best thing about that movie was mark wahlberg’s performance. the guy was very funny in some parts… there were a couple scenes he had the whole theatre roaring. then there were the slightly disturbing scenes that were way too much… people were saying “SICK!” etc. i can’t stand the out of control scenes… and the language was out of control too. it was quite the little philosophical movie- but with that never-ending thing. i love that lady that plays hoffman’s wife… i can never remember her name but i do remember watching her on Sesame Street. c’mon, please tell me you remember the lady that sat in the OVERSIZED rocking chair and talked like she had a constant sinus infection... pretending to be a kid? i loved her… i’ve always thought that she’s so funny… it’s that dry sense of humor thing. i think she might have been in that “9 to 5” movie w/Dolly Parton??? anyway, back to the huckabees… not sure it’s a movie that i’d recommend seeing?? there was another familiar face that is worth mentioning though… especially for you Hitchcock fans. seen the Birds movie? well, the woman that plays the main character in the Birds, has a part in this Huckabee flick. and another thing, she drops the F bomb in the movie. what in the world?? totally didn’t expect it… thought that she was the good wholesome type for crying out loud! anyway, enough about that movie. even though it made me laugh at some parts, i walked out of it thinking “Dang, glad i didn’t pay for this movie.” i think i feel that way because of all of the f bombs and ridiculous vulgarity. Jude Law breastfeeding another man… not my thing. :( no thank you.

back to reality- it is way too late and i’m up typing into the laptop again. and i’ve got to say that i’m kinda hungry too. i wouldn’t be so hungry if Taco Bueno would not have forgotten to give me my taco! Mel & i went through the drive-thru on our way to the theatre… i ordered one burrito & one taco… what did i have when we arrived to the theatre and inspected our bag?? one lonely burrito… so, that’s what i had for dinner. guess i shouldn’t complain though… there are worse things in this world than a missing taco. just remember to always check your bag before leaving that drive-thru folks.
just in case you haven’t noticed, i’m not really keen on using correct grammar or punctuation or capitalization on this blog of mine. oh well, get over it.
i’m going to sleep now. sweet dreams. thanks for reading.


Summertime said...

The lady that you are speaking of (with the sinus infection) is Lilly Tomlin. However, she may have been on Sesame Street- but she was in the rocking chair on some show like "Laugh-In" or one of those old adult comedy shows. She was indeed in "Nine-to-five," which ironically used to be one of my fav movies when I was really small. My parents and I would watch Nine to Five and eat KFC. Those were the days...

Tim & Cynthia Johnston said...

Well let me see where do I start......Glad you had a good night out with the ladies but the movie did not sound like one I would go to... well unless you took me and paid for it. LOL! Keep the great movie reviews coming they are much better then the movie reviews in the paper. I vote you the best in movie reviews and I Cynthia Johnston approve this comment!