Wednesday, November 10, 2004

wax on- wax off...

So I went a little crazy with the pics today… added 4? I really can see why people have always thought that Steph & I were sisters now. Looking at myself in the TU pic & then looking at Steph in the other pics… dang! Speaking of Steph, you gotta watch it when taking pics of her… cause she likes to make retarded faces like the one she’s making in the one w/Ingrid… all crosseyed… at least she doesn’t look constipated… as she sometimes does. J ha!! Hey Steph, you know I love ya!
Anyway, can I just say that work is driving me nutso today? And certain individuals in particular are really contributing more effort than others when it comes to the ‘ticking Kristin off’ levels. They’re really working hard at it today. But, good will overcome evil in the office today… I am determined. Man, I really am crazy, huh?
Thank God for Starbucks coffee, 5 minute breaks, chocolate, and my blog.
I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking a martial arts class of some sort. If not before the end of the year, definitely starting upon the new year. First of all, I need to find out what type I want to take… whoohoo! I think I’m really gonna have some fun- can’t wait!


Stephanie said...

Kristin, you crack me up! Do you have a copy of that picture from Nicole's wedding where us girls are all chillin' in the pew? Everyone looks so sweet and peaceful and I'm making this awful face and my boobs are hanging out. I need to work on that... :)

I hope your work gets better. I hate stress and drama at work. This school has way too much... freaky foreigners.

Starbucks... emmmmm.

Matt and I are going to start a martial art soon also! I had intentions of taking TaeKwonDo because it was developed here in Korea but now I think we may be taking KumDo. It's fighting with swords. Not sure how practical it is... unless I have a broom handy if I'm attacked...

I'm glad you started this blog. Miss ya lamb!

Summertime said...

Kristin, if you take martial arts, please refrain from beating me up anymore. I can't take it anyway, so please stop....