Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the holiday buzz

what a crazy time the holiday is. i mean, could i get any more stressed out? ugh! i love Christmas, and i'm normally a very cool, calm, and collected person... but things at work are nutso & things outside of work are nutso.... geez! and what about that traffic? okay.... letting it go now...

well, i don't know if i ever gave the rundown on the movie i watched several weeks ago... Finding Neverland. good flick... i do suggest it... in fact, i highly recommend it. the little boy that plays Peter is an amazing little actor.

A M A Z I N G. i think it's quite enjoyable and has something for everyone.

okay, i'd like to give an update on the book i've been reading, Perpetua. i've had tons of mixed emotions while reading this book.... i'll let you know the final result. overall, i believe that i'm not only learning a lot on a historical aspect... but also on a spiritual aspect. i got super annoyed at one point, shortly after typing in my blog about it, but i got over it. i was annoyed with extreme martyrdom mentality... what i mean is, that was all she seemed to think about at one point. i mean, seriously, that's all she thought about! it seemed to go on for chapters! but, then i realized, you know what? that's truly probably all she did think about... it was her reality... it was her life. she witnessed stuff like that ALL the time. that's why she was so caught up in it... she had no choice. she had to come to terms with it... i, knowing the end of her true life story, knowing that she dies for her faith, had already came to terms with it... i was being impatient reading her thoughts coming to terms with it... how despicable of me... if i was in her shoes, i'd probably take a much longer time coming to terms with it than just a few chapters. anyway, i'll let you know my final thoughts when i finished with the book. so far, i'm very impressed.

oh, and in case i don't blog at you all again before the big day, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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Summertime said...

I know about the whole holiday madness thing. It stinks. It seems like this is the first year where I am not super excited about Christmas. I hope that is not the way it is forever. It seems so sad.

I think that when people hit a certain age, they feel like they have to be a grouch and let the season be about "the kids" and all of their lovely presents. But, as you know, that's not the reason for the season, or else all of our families would not get together, they would just send a gift in the mail. It's about togetherness and remembering that Jesus was born. We really should celebrate Christmas all the time.

This book sounds interesting. Where did you get it?