Friday, January 21, 2005

type at you later

hey everyone.
i finished that book, Perpetua, a while back... sorry i haven't given my final analysis yet. i'll do that soon.
i have a lot in my head that i need to type out this weekend... so check me out next week.
happy b-day to me... yup, my b-day is sunday. whoop-de-frickin-do. (haha... sound familiar?)
thanks for stopping by- i'll type at you later.


Summertime said...

Sounds familiar to me, Special K.

bethany said...

hey lamb! didn't know your bday was sunday - happy late bday! fun times! thanks for checking out my blog. i showed jimmy your blog and he thought it was so cool! did you design it yourself?? it was so much fun seeing you the other night for coffee - you'll have to come and meet kayla sometime soon! gotta run! the little lady calls! peace out!