Thursday, January 06, 2005

learning to surf

well, here i am six days into the new year. our team lost the Orange Bowl this week… not the best way to start out 2005… but i’m optimistic. luckily, my life’s happiness does not depend on any football team’s record. :)
on a serious note, i just want to say that i feel a little unsettled in life right now. i’m kinda feeling like things will be shifting in some way. unfortunately, i don’t know what things or which way… and i’m too busy to think or worry about it. do you ever just have a knowing that something is about to happen? …like you’re on the verge of something? i was thinking about this as i was driving a couple days ago… have you realized that i’m a “pondering” driver yet? anyway, as i drove up to a traffic light near an intersection with a gas station on the corner, i was thinking & praying about my unsettled feelings and I glanced over at the gas station and saw: WAVES OF CHANGE- Coming Soon. (see the pic below.) Talk about a sign… literally. a big, bright, yellow, waving banner staring at me. hmm… guess i better learn how to surf.
okay, i’m done being serious.
on an advertising note, i like that banner… it’s cool because it fits into the company’s theme… the Shell Gas Company. get it? beach, waves, shell? anyway, thought it was cute & clever. not only that, but the sign itself was designed very well with the colors and graphics. the only unfortunate thing for them right now is that in a very round-about way, it reminds me (and probably reminds others) of the world’s current tsunami disaster. now, of course, it wouldn’t keep anyone from doing business with them right away… but signs and colors do weird stuff to people… that’s why i like advertising & graphics so much… people make associations in their minds without realizing it and so, seeing that sign might have some negative reactions in the unconscious minds of some folks. i know, you think i’m crazy… but it’s true.
am i the only person who’s noticed that every moviestar wants to be a rockstar and every rockstar wants to be a moviestar? so annoying! please! most of them clearly are not capable of both… why don’t their managers tell them? Please, We the People do not want to be witnesses to this behavior anymore. Spare us… please!


Summertime said...

Since I am a cool person, I will leave some comments (AHEM!)

I like the way you think. It's a lot like the way I used to think when I had more clarity.

As for being rock stars, yep. I know. But, it is a way to make a couple bucks and feel cooler at the same time. It won't last... i.e. Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

Stephanie said...

Waves of change! How cool is that? I've never had a time where I actually saw a sign. It reminds me of "Fools Rush In"... I can't remember the exact quote... but Isabelle was telling her mother how she saw a sign, or a sign fell, or a sign ruined something... and her mother asked what kind of sign and Isabelle said something about "no, a real sign, a big one!" Hehehe. A few weeks ago Matt was thinking about some things and he asked God how something was possible and as we were walking there were three signs in a row that explained it. It was so strange but cool. Anyway, I'm glad you aren't afraid to work through things... its the only way to change things for the better.