Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy B-day to Ingrid & Happy 2005 to everyone else!

last night i drove home in the rain with my music blaring.
drives like that give me room to think.
i watched that show last night- that show that makes me and everyone else i know cry. and believe me, i don't cry easily.
i totally agree with Mike. see:
Extreme Makeover Home Edition -the show is pure good. tonight one of the guys on the show said something like "i'm so glad that i get to just reflect the light, man, it's great." hmm- what light do you think he may have been referring to? gee, i don't know what the heck he could've meant by that.
have you ever read Max Lucado's book, You Are Special? No? well, you need to. a friend of mine got it for me in college. At first I was like, oh great, my friend thinks I'm depressed or something. But seriously, it's a great little inspirational book. i think that the people of Extreme Makeover Home Edition would love the book- they would get it. the book is about these little wooden people called Wemmicks. we’re all a bunch of Wemmicks. you see, it's up to you whether or not you let labels stick to you- you are not and do not have to be what other people try to make you or tell you. what i love about Extreme Makeover Home Edition is that they decided that families were special and deserved to be helped and they stepped out of “the norm” to produce a program where deserving families are blessed. they throw away the old and they put on new. without even realizing it, they are helping people see God... and they're accidently running into Him theirselves. oops. :) and all the producers wanted was good ratings.
The show gives me warm fuzzies... and the book gives me warm fuzzies...
anyway, what did i do for new year's you ask? well, i did a little karaoke, i did a little "dance revolution", and i played poker. no, not w/real cash but i wish we had because i came out the winner... and it was my first time to play poker. came out w/$1,052 worth of chips! maybe i should visit Vegas? ...nah.


Summertime said...

You crazy gambler, you!!!

Stephanie said...

Kristin, YOU give me warm fuzzies!

Miss ya Lamb!

kristin said...

Oh, Steph... stop... just stop... you're embarassing me.