Monday, January 17, 2005

it was a movie weekend.

i got my fill of entertainment this weekend- what with the video rentals & trip to the movie theater. Rented “The Village” and went to see “Meet the Fockers”.
I really enjoyed The Village. My favorite part was the “dancing” conversation between Ivy & Lucius. I also love every time she says she can see his color. That Howard girl is a superb actress. In fact, that entire film is filled with refined theater veterans… fabulous talent in that movie. I will say that it didn’t catch me off guard too terribly much… I had key elements figured out… but I did enjoy the movie nonetheless. It still made me jump a little. it’s one that i think i could buy.
Meet the Fockers… that was pretty good too. It was a lot better than i thought it would be actually. the kid’s first word was funny. Robert DeNiro carcks me up.
helped some friends move this weekend.. they had so many people helping them… went well i think. didn’t really feel like i did much… but i’m glad i went. their new house is beautiful- exciting stuff. i think they’re going to love it there.
ingrid is packing. packing, packing. i wish she wasn’t moving. but i know it’s what she wants… and i know it’s probably the best for her… ugh. :( i hope we live in the same city again at some point in our lives.
i downloaded the asteroids game onto my phone. usually, i’m not one for games on phones… but i was bored the other night when i couldn’t sleep. i have the highest ranking scores… ha… makes me think that there must not be too many other folks playing it.

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Stephanie said...

Astroids rocks! I used to play that on Atari (when all of the other kids had Nintendo's!)

I've never heard of "The Village"- it sounds interesting!

Talk to you later- Wooly little Lamb!