Friday, January 28, 2005

too toasty.

it's after 5pm... why am i still at work? to type at least a little something into my blog so you know i'm still alive. things have been nuts & i haven't had the opportunity to say anything. anyway, so, it snowed today. it's all sloshy & white outside. :) now i just have to go drive in it. Jared(my brother) was supposed to drive home from Norman today. i don't know if the weather stopped him... i sure hope that he came.
you know what i love? Big Al's Health Subs on 15th. great place, great wraps, great hummus, great smoothies, and great prices! what more could you want?? yes, i am a living commercial. i can't help it.
so, last night, as i was stopped at a big & busy intersection, i saw 2 people way over on the other side of the street waiting for the signal to walk across. it was 2 women. from what i could tell, it was a teenager & her mother. as they started to cross the street, i noticed the mother had a cane and the daughter was helping her walk... i'm pretty sure that everyone sitting at the intersection was watching them. my light turned green and as i started to drive away, i immediately thought of turning around to pick them up. but, i was in the far lane and couldn't get to the place to turn around due to all of the traffic in the other lane.... anyway... started getting further & further away... and i passed another place that i could of turned around at... thinking that i was too tired, it was too late, etc. anyway, got to the next intersection and finally turned around because it didn't matter if i was too tired. it was chilly & what the heck is my car for anyway??? so i got back to the place i'd seen them walking & searched & searched as i drove around for several minutes looking for them. i finally decided that someone else had beat me to it.... probably one of the other drivers who'd witnessed them hobbling across the street. so then i started home looking for anyone else who might have needed a ride. have you ever given a ride to a stranger before? it's good for the soul. word of caution: you must practice this w/common sense. i do not suggest women picking up anyone of the opposite sex... so, don't hold me responsible if you pick up a guy with a machedi. (<-sp?) don't worry dad, i never offer rides to men walking along the side of the road. ;)
but anyway, i drove home mad at myself for not turning around quick enough... ugh!!! i'm not looking for "oh, that was thoughtful of you, lamb...blah,blah" comments so don't give them to me... just wanted to get that off my chest... wanted to say that God is still having to work on getting rid of the selfishness in me... i was too tired to turn around! i was too warm & toasty in my car... in my NEW car at that! ugh, okay, i'm done.
dang i gotta get outta here- type atcha later.


Stephanie said...

did Jared make it home??

Rebecca said...

Been there, done that, Lamb. It's not a good feeling when you know the Lord was telling you to do something and you don't do it. You'll have more opportunities for sure.