Wednesday, August 17, 2005

fun ideas

so someone asked me if i had a favorite entry that i’ve written since i’ve been doing this blog thing. i can’t believe that i’ve been writing stuff up on this since October 2004! crazy. anyway, this “favorite” question got me thinking and i went back & read some old ones. don’t we all have our moments? i’m sure that most bloggers could say that they have some “favorites”. as for me, i think that my best mental spills come after i’ve been around kids or after i’ve been speeding down the highway at night blaring music in my car. hmmm… if i’m most inspired when i’m around kids and when driving… maybe i should switch career paths… school bus driver? okay- don’t fly off the handle- i’m just kidding. besides, i don’t think it’d work since i like to drive at night speeding down the highway with the music…. really don’t think they’d allow overnight delivery of the kids. but it’s a fun idea.

speaking of fun ideas… SPRAY-ON salad dressing! hmm… spray-on ranch doesn’t sound too appetizing… but spray-on Italian maybe… yum. seriously, check this out:

well, i'm off to lunch... bye for now.


Summer said...

School bus driver... Hummm...

The only memories that I have of my bus drivers are that they were all either old, large or dirty or maybe even all three.

If you do drive a school bus someday, please shower.

Tim said...

Lambie, I don't know about school bus drivers as they tend to get cranky and loose mental agility as the school year wears on. And, anyone that has driven any distance with a car load of kids doesn't even ask why! LOL! As for the spray on salad dressing I can't help but wonder what wonderful chemical additives they have to use to acheive that and what medical ramifications that might present....glow in the dark kidneys? LOL! Keep on blogging!

Joel said...

Dear Cousin~
I would support a move to the school bus driver position if it makes you happy...not to mention it would be nice to have some attractive bus drivers for once. Then again I don't want those Junior High boys hitting on my flipping sweet cousin either. Ok I need to get ready for class. Speaking of college, what happened to OU in that football game the other day! Yikes!