Tuesday, August 09, 2005

the following may not be suitable for young children:

so as I was getting ready for work this morning I heard a “news” story on the Christian radio station. …and very quickly became seriously irritated. the story was about how this missions training school “discovered” that they could train pastors in Uganda via the internet. in other words, they now have online courses.
whoohoo! duh, we can have online courses?!?!? you mean the internet can be used as a valuable tool? whoa! yippee! thank you reverend dipstick! what’s taken you so long to figure this out?! maybe if you weren’t sitting in your bubble all the freakin time you would have found this out a long time ago! the internet? what’s that??

so, this amazing “news” story got me thinking about the AGE OLD question:
Why are most Christians always 10 years behind?

and then i started to think about Jesus in the Garden with his disciples…
you know when he asked them to pray and he went off to pray by himself. he kept coming back to find them sleeping. oh boy, was Jesus a nice guy. i have a feeling that when he said Come on guys, can’t you stay awake?? that it was probably very evident that he was serious… it probably came out with some divine emotion. but if i was Jesus, i would’ve been DIVINELY PISSED OFF when i kept finding them sleeping!!! AAAAAHHHHHH C’MON YOU STUPID LAZY MO’FOS!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAKE UP!
Most christians are always 10 years behind because they’re sleeping… just can’t seem to stay awake. please note that I said MOST and not ALL.

since I’m sure someone might think it, let me just say that i do not by any means claim to be perfect… but I’m no sleeping bubblelover.
here’s another bone I have to pick w/sleeping bubblelovers:
why is it that the UK and Australian Christians are sending MISSIONARIES over to the U.S.????? why????

anyway, sorry about all this ranting & raving. I just get divinely pissed every once in awhile and have to get my “preach” on. WAKE UP YOU SLEEPING BUBBLELOVING MO’FOS!!!

wow, sometimes i read something i've wrote & think what's got into me?!
i'm really a nice person... i think. THAT'S IT- no more writing about christians that tick me off for at least a month.