Monday, July 31, 2006


i recently bought some new towels. i love them.
yesterday i bought a new toothbrush. i love it.
this morning my motivation for getting up was the thought of my new bath towels and my new toothbrush. i love the feeling of new. but i have to say that as i was getting ready for work and realized that my reason for getting up was a towel and a toothbrush...
i started to get a little depressed.

but new is good... right? i should be excited about my day regardless of whether any new towels or new toothbrushes are involved... right?
speaking of new, i got a new job... well, same place... just a different job... and yeah, it's a good thing... it's a happy thing.
so now i've got my new job to get me up in the morning... my new bath towels... and of course, don't forget the new toothbrush. but something tells me i'm out of focus... cause as cool as all this new stuff is and as grateful as i am... none of it really matters in the long run. there should be something else getting us up outta bed... i'll stop here before i get too serious & philosophical... i think you all know where i'm going and what i mean. refocusing... i need to do more of it... daily.

back to the toothbrush... seriously... don't you just LOVE the feeling of a new toothbrush or is that just me?

last week Rebecca introduced me to Sudoku.
i've played 5 games so far. i don't remember how long my 1st game took... my 2nd game took 15 minutes... i gave up on my 3rd game... my 4th game took 20 minutes... and gave up again on my 5th. they say the average is 6 minutes. what? average for who? who are they talking about?
you know what? i'd like to see Raymond go after a sudoku puzzle. i'm thinking he'd have it solved in a minute or less... he'd blow the record.


Anonymous said...

hey cutie. Nice hair cut! Are we doing a BBQ when the Lloyds are in town? Hopefully I'm still programmed in your cell phone. Give me a call! -joy

Anonymous said...

One thing I get up for is to read what you have to say cause it all males sense. I love the feel of something New.

kristin said...

males sense or makes sense? haha... well, thx for the kind words anonymous. :) peace out.

Will said...

Hey Kristin, it's me Will. Hey I tried playing that suduko game. I am really into it now, after just two games. Thanks a lot. Really I didn't need anything else to waste my time with. Anyhow, enjoy your blogs. Talk to ya soon.