Monday, July 17, 2006

burritos, clocks, and billy joel

it's almost been a month since i've thrown a line or two up on here... so i thought i'd go ahead with an update. my gosh! how time freakin' flies! anyway, i'll keep this short and sweet.
woke up this morning and decided to sleep in a few extra minutes... it turned into about 20 minutes. ended up being only a couple minutes late to work. :)
an old friend stopped by to say hello...
had lunch with some coworkers... discovered that Emily eats burritos starting in the middle. she always starts eating them from the middle. hmm.
discovered that another one of my coworkers sets every single one of her clocks exactly 25 minutes fast. another hmm.
had a weird afternoon... but made it to 5pm.
had dinner with my parents.
listened to "easy listening" on the way home tonight... and actually enjoyed a tune from Billy Joel of all people!? what?
decided to jump online and shop for a new phone... still can't find a phone that i wanna buy... but in the meantime i made another impulse buy & bought another ring tone. geez! they get me everytime! (and no, it wasn't Billy Joel!) peace out.


stephanie said...

i LOVE billy joel!

Anonymous said...

we missed you at the baby shower!