Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bublé in concert

Michael Bublé performed in T-town last night… and I went.
oh my… it was something else. at first I felt like I was at an Elvis concert the way the old ladies seated in front of us were carrying on… they kept hollering and dancing & swaying to the music. it was pretty funny. obviously there were women of all ages there screaming & going crazy but it was the 2 old ladies in front of us that I thought funny… did they think he was Tony Bennett?
anyway, he put on a great show but I gotta say that I could’ve done without so much cursing… but oh well… you can’t have it all. I hope Bublé eventually realizes that it doesn’t help him in the “being classy” department to have such a mouth. when it comes to the singing though… obviously he was great. sings as great in-person as he does on his recorded albums. he forgot or messed up on his words a couple times… but it’s easy to look over little mess-ups when his voice is so great.
it was a mix between Elvis, Desi Arnaz, the Rat-Pack… and Johnny Knoxville. He was pretty funny & he did a few impressions of other people like Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, & yes…even Michael Jackson.
it was definitely an entertaining evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to watching survivor every week?