Wednesday, March 02, 2005

kamikaze mode

i've been in this workaholic mode at work... i've been in a mode in every part of my life... kinda feel like i've hit "cruise control". yikes....? :(
Rebecca & i are moving on the 19th. we're moving into a house in the Brookside area. think it's gonna be great.
now, all we have to do is pack everything up over the next 2.5 weeks & haul it over. whoohoo.
so, since i haven't blogged in AGES, let me just say concerning my trip to CO, i had a great time. it was good for me to get away for a bit. i ran errands for Ingrid in an attempt to be helpful. one day, i drove through the Garden of the Gods. love that place. it was very surreal. it was awesome. actually, the whole trip was surreal. can't wait to go back to visit my friend & do some fun colorado stuff. she & i didn't have anytime to do that on this trip... but that's cool cause we knew that we probably wouldn't anyway. when i get the rest of my pics developed(yes, i said developed) i will post a couple from the Garden of the G.
i'm reading a fabulous book that ingrid suggested to me, it's The Secret Life of Bees. i'm loving it. i plan on typing out a couple excerpts that have really stuck out to me.
i haven't been faithful to my blog lately & i haven't been a faithful blog reader lately. oh well, just a short hiatus. does it matter really? probably not. :)
well, i better go before it gets too late. i have a lot to do tonight. i'll type more at you later. love ya! ~k


Stephanie said...

you matter kristin. don't ever forget it! ;) hehehe! post pictures of your new house when you move... i always wanted to live near brookside.

Summertime said...

We're just a bunch of movin' women... It's never-ending!