Friday, February 18, 2005

i'm back from springs

well, i'm back from C. Springs. i haven't had a chance to type out all my thoughts from the trip & i don't really feel like typing it all out right now because it's after 5:40 on a Friday night and I need to get out of here(yes, i'm still at the office). things have been a whirlwind... big flippin' surprise.
i love king soopers in Colorado... could i enjoy shopping at a grocery store more? no, i doubt it. love the music they play... i love their super friendly employees... i could go on & on... but i won't. there are too many companies that have turned me into Customer Evangelists for them. (
also, before i log off here, let me also say, i love colorado! the land of the suburau & land rover drivers! and, might i add, they all safely break the speed limit constantly. "Go Speedracer, GO!"

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