Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i'm on lunch

okay... i know, i know, it's been more than a few days since i've typed here. things have been nuts.
ever since i've found out that Ing is moving, i've been on the GO-GO-GO! btw, we leave this friday to move her out to springs... whoohoo! i'm sure everything will go well. anyway, i'll be out there a few days helping her & won't return until the middle of next week. :)
i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the President's State of the Union last week. very enjoyable. was that last week? ...i've lost track of time.
i have found time to play poker a couple more times with my friends... and guess what? yup, i keep winning. what's the deal? should i quit my day job and become a fulltime poker player? i'm seriously considering it.
please see this story:
what the heck was this guy thinking? this game is more important than any of my own offspring! I'll prove it! thx to brandon for blogging about this, my opinion of Welsh people will never be the same.
now, for my favorite techie-nerd gadget blog,
i'm eating dirty rice for lunch and dang, is it spicy! yum! i'm washing it down w/diet A&W rootbeer. just thought you'd like to know today's menu.
i watched the finale of Amazing Race last night. I wonder if Jon & Kris would have won if the train hadn't have decided to cruise on by? I was very proud of their great attitude about the whole thing. They were my favorite team & i wish they could have won... they're probably the only team that can watch the show & not be embarrassed of themselves... they never once acted or reacted like idiots. (idiots! said in the Napoleon D. tone.) oh well, good game Jon & Kris! i still love you guys!
type at you later.

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