Monday, November 17, 2008

think you're informed?

I was excited to see that several of you enjoyed my American History 101 entry. Thanks for all the comments! I can guarantee you that I will continue to give you more of the same. I, like many of you, have been blessed with a very strong education built on historical truths. Unfortunately, it seems there's not many left in this country who have the same facts or knowledge... please help me spread light on this dark world. Teach your kids & grandkids.

Let me ask you, when you read a magazine article about your favorite actor or actress, don't you expect to see direct quotes from that person? Then why don't we expect it in our history books?? If you want to know the original intent of our founding fathers... read history books that quote them directly and reference where those quotes are pulled from. I really wish that the books in the American public school system followed this very logical & simple requirement... but they do not. This is why I will do my best to redistribute the wealth- the wealth of knowledge, that is. I will do my best to write more entries on American History from here on out.

Tara Lynn put a video on her blog last night that reminded me of a letter that was published in the Tulsa World newspaper on 11/8/08. Why? Because after watching the video (see below) I was thinking the same thing this guy was:
My disappointment in the result of the election is great. That disappointment is aimed at the American people. Those who were able to set aside and dismiss Barack Obama's associations with shadowy people and organizations. Those who chose to elect as president a man with such a short resume. Those who voted for him out of knee-jerk reaction to George W. Bush and the Republicans.
How many know that the Congress has been controlled for the last two years by the Democrats? How many know that the sub-prime mortgage crisis and Wall Street melt down has its roots in Democratic programs signed by Bill Clinton? More than 63 million voters had the wool pulled over their eyes. The Brooklyn Bridge has finally sold. Change was wanted so badly that a man has been elected that we know nothing about, to be president! Our enemies are dancing in the streets.
At least we here in Oklahoma know a snake oil salesman when we see one, 66 percent of us anyway. Remember the story of the Pied Piper? Obama is playing the flute.
I thought Joe the Plumber would make a difference. It turned out that the election was swayed by Joe the Gullible.
America, what have we done?

Again, this is why spreading knowledge is important... this is why I ask people to look at facts... because the misinformed outnumber the informed. Thanks for reading- see you next time.


Larry McCallister said...

I'm with you, Kristin. It's appalling how uninformed the electorate is (or, even worse, how so many vote their wallets instead of their values).

Sadly, this election was a telling indictment on We the People, and we got what we deserved. [sigh]

Lindsey said...

Good post again. =) Yikes, that Youtube video is just sad - or angering, one of the two. Apathy reigns in our country, but we need to keep doing what we can to spread truth and hopefully inspire people to CARE.