Monday, July 02, 2007

time for a blogdown

“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” –Ursula K. Le Guin

heard any good music lately? If not, then you’re not listening hard enough. Go find some great music that you love and chill with it. May I suggest Ingrid Michaelson’s Girls & Boys album? Check it out.

One of my closest friends, Steph, has been living in Korea for the past 3 years. Every once in awhile we get Skype and chat together. Sometimes she sends me video messages when we can’t Skype. I love it… and I love technology. BUT today I saw something that kinda bothered me. Steph & her husband Matt have seen some pretty sad things while traveling in Asia… like when they went to parts of Cambodia. So, like I was saying, I love technology and all the things it allows us to do… but… sometimes… our gluttony sickens me.
This is about the iPhone. Look, I’m sure it’s great. And I’m a huge Apple fan… and I love electronic toys… but something about people waiting up to 12 hours and then shelling out large amounts of cash seemed a little ridiculous to me. Reports say that there were 500,000 sold this weekend. That’s over the top. Way over the top. While I was reading about it I just found myself shaking my head and thinking about how much money people in the US waste on the latest and greatest thing…
Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m a new media consultant and I LOVE my iPod & my Mac & would like to have an iPhone one day… but… I don’t know… guess I’m just not into that kind of crazy yet… the kind of crazy that spends 12 hours waiting in line and then spending $600ish on a gadget… even if it is the coolest gadget around.

I moved this weekend. whoohoo! I’m still unpacking… but it went well and is going well. It’s a good thing I like my new roommate or I don’t know if I could share space again… TL and I get along quite well… I think we’ll be cool. :) I have a good feeling about it.
I’m just bummed cause I wasn’t able to say goodbye to my cool neighbor Barney. I’m thinking I’m going to go visit him tonight… or sometime this week.

Has anyone notice that I’m addicted to quotes? here’s another one I thought was worth sharing: “Irritability is immaturity of character. If you are subject to being cross and unpleasant with others for no apparent reason, you need to come face-to-face with the fact that you are thinking too much of yourself. After all, your feelings are not the most important thing in this world.” -Lawrence G. Lovasik

Yes, this is a randomly organized blog.
But what can I say- I’m random.

Hope everyone has a SUPER Independence Day!!


stephanie said...

we cool like dat! hehe. just you wait, i'll video email you when i'm in the states too. you'll be WISHING i'd lay off a little bit. :)

it is crazy the things people do, or don't do, with their money. sometimes i'm saddened, sometimes inspired.

i like the quotes you find... keep them coming!

W2 said...

Nice quotes