Friday, July 20, 2007

it will be like Facebook

so i've been on Facebook since May. i love it. i wish everyone on myspace would come on over. it's awesome. anyway, i'm not writing this to talk people into switching... i'm mentioning this only to say i love meeting cool new people & reconnecting with old friends. I have a new friend in Alaska now... it's such a fun little world.

i was listening to an old Rich Mullins song the other day... I miss that guy. Unlike a lot of singers/artists, he wrote most of his own music. He was a seeker. He was different. He was bold and courageous... and he understood God's grace. Anyway, I was listening to If I Stand and as I was listening to it... I started to miss something... I started to feel this strange longing well up inside of me. Does that ever happen to you?
later on that day I was listening to another song by someone else and it said
i'm missing someone but i don't know who...

and i got to thinking, i know who and where i miss. i miss home (a place i've never been) and i miss my friends... the ones i know and don't know. it will be like Facebook when i get there... but for real... in person... everyone connected to everyone else... we'll meet new friends... and old ones. and hopefully i'll meet Rich. i can't wait.

tomorrow I'm heading to NYC for a few days of vacation and fun. yes, i will be taking LOTS of pictures. prepare yourselves! ttys!


stephanie said...

i know what you are talking about... i get that way when i listen to his music... and even more so with keith green's. i love their passion and it always reminds me to stay on course.

have fun in new york!

Summer said...

I love Rich too. I want to jam with him in heaven!