Friday, January 12, 2007


I have to tell you about this wonderful product. For the last couple weeks... with the changing weather going on... i've been experiencing some serious chapped lips. it just kept getting worse and worse no matter WHAT i tried! i've never had such a bad case in my life... I'm talking parched, cracked, & bleeding. anyway, THANKFULLY, my dear friend Rebecca intervened. She bought me a Carmex click stick (cherry flavored!) and i'm like a whole new person. I'm not exaggerating... i'm completely serious. i love it. let me tell you... you need to stop wasting time and go do yourself a favor and go buy some of this right now... you will be so glad you did.
Ever have one of those weeks when you feel like no one sees you? Ever feel like no one notices and no one ever will? And then someone surprises you w/a random act of kindness? Yeah, me too.


bethany said...

lol - you're so funny! betcha' didn't try arbonne's chapstick... everyone in my family got one for christmas! ;0)

stephanie said...

i swear up and down by carmex. it's the stuff that kept my lips intact during the minnesota winters. matt has always had smart comments about the 7-10 tubes i keep around the house at all times. haha. i heard they put it in a stick... but i wasn't aware of the cherry flavor. nice!