Saturday, January 27, 2007

beauty of grace

you know how sometimes you might love the sound of a song... the music... the beat... the melody...? but then you read the lyrics and you're like what the $#%@* are they talking about? and then there's times when you really like the lyrics of a song... but maybe it's not the most well composed musically? or the singer might not be the greatest?
yeah, well, i heard a song the other day that i loved the lyrics to... and i'd hate anyone to miss them because they may not enjoy the music... so... click on the link below if you're interested...

sometimes you just need something... and the other day these lyrics were the something for me... surprised i got through the entire song... i almost changed it when i heard the first
"La de da, la de da da" but for some reason i didn't... who sings "La de da, la de da da" anyway? that should only be allowed to be sung by leprechauns or something...
oh well... i like the rest of the lyrics anyway.

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Rebecca said...

i also enjoyed your something...timely lyrics