Thursday, June 01, 2006


i'm at the coffee shop across the street utilizing their wifi.

it's raining outside... it's been raining a lot lately.

several weeks ago one of my friends was talking about kids and discipline. anyway, she said something about finding out what the child's "currency" is so that you could discipline them in the most effective way. each person has a different "currency". each person is different. somethings are more important or less important to others.
the day after we had that conversation, i asked my wise friend what she thought my currency might be... and i've continued to think about it off and on. what is your currency? what do you live by? mine is friendship.

Rebecca mentioned about a week ago that she thought people were trying to live their lives like Laguna Beach. what a good observation... i hadn't thought of it until she brought it up... and it's sad but true. so many people are trying to play the part... have perfect lives... have the look... have the image that everything is in control and everything is perfect. guess what? it's not. you're not on tv and people don't hear a theme song when they see you walking down the street. but i have to say that i do think that it's okay to have your own internal theme song playing in your own heart, soul & mind. pick a good one. pick one that helps and doesn't hurt. ultimately the only thing that can make you happy is a real relationship with God. when you can accept His love for you... things will be a lot easier...

thought i'd point you in the direction of one of my favorite blog reads.


kojak said...

I can't stand it when it rains. it's like I'm a new person in the sunlight, I kid you not. Unbelievable how much it alters my mood.

Check out my site. I just recently published "The Famous Pyromania Story". Give it a look and let me know what you think.

stephanie said...

i like rainy days... unless it rains for more than a week... than i start craving something a little drier!

just for the record, i never recieve smut on myspace. all my stuff is set to private. i've only ever heard from people i know or people connected to the oru group. i get more nastiness in my email than myspace. geez!