Friday, January 20, 2006

yes, I'm still alive & breathing...

Hope everyone is doing really well and enjoying everyday life. :)
Rebecca & I went to the gym(the AC) last night. did some walking, then tried the elliptical machine (I lasted for a whole 3 minutes), then Rebecca taught me how to play basketball. (yes, I really know how to play but I’m afraid I’ve lost my skills). Dang! What has happened to me?!?! I need to take this working out stuff more seriously! I need to tone up and get back into shape!
New subject: OPRAH & THE MILLION LITTLE PIECES CONTROVERSY. Here’s the short version of what’s happened- the guy who wrote this book(James Frey) made some of his life story up but tried to pass it off as truth. On Oprah’s show, the book was said to be Frey’s true life story. Then not too long ago it came out that some of it was fabricated & I guess that Oprah didn’t handle it the way she could have… I don’t know what she said and I don’t know what she didn’t say… but if I was her I would’ve at least said Oh, hey, we found out that this was untrue and we’re sorry to have mislead you… please forgive us as we ourselves were mislead… or something like that. But i guess she didn't say that & some viewers are ticked with her.
Well, anyway, I say all of this to say that if you’re planning on reading this book (which I’ve heard is pretty good) then read it knowing that the author made some crap up so that he would seem like more of a superman than he really is. Or maybe if you’re looking for a good you-can-fight-through-it-and-win story, then just go pick up an authentic Superman comic? Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with a good book… it’s just that if it’s fictional then don’t lie and tell the world (via the Oprah show) that it’s all non-fictional truth.
Here’s an article on it:
peace out.
p.s. for all of you who've forgotten, my happy bday is monday... feel free to send me your love via ecards or gifts. :) I hate when people remind me of bdays- i'm terrible at remembering bdays!


Chris Busch said...

I read this book several weeks ago before the controversy, mainly because my wife told me about Oprah's fervent plug.

I'd have to say knowing now that some of the story was or even could be fabricated certainly makes it a "could read" instead of a "must read". It's just hard to know which parts are real and which are fluff.


Summer said...

Getting back into shape isn't easy, but you just feel so good once you do. A lot of people don't have a place to go work out, so take advantage of the AC!

It's a little weird for me to read a book not knowing which parts are true and which are not. I just can't stand things "BASED on a true story." Oprah was probably mad because her name was tainted, and her book club is an important part of her business. She should consult her board of advisors before she speaks!

stephanie said...

the book is on my shelf waiting to be read. trying to get through "love in the time of cholera"... I'm having a rough time getting through it but i'm going to finish it before i start another.

yes, my life is that exciting right now.