Monday, January 09, 2006

need more oxygen

this time last week I was in Colorado. yup, went to visit Ingrid on her b-day. Even though she never reads my blog and there’s no danger of her seeing whether or not I disclose her age, I won’t do it. had a good time even though I had a slight problem with the altitude this time… i got over it by drinking tons of water.
so now I’m back home and I feel a little bit like these guys… feel like I’m trekking!
I wonder if they had problems with the altitude?


Anonymous said...

coming over to watch Lost tomorrow night? My address is 1932 S College 7 p.m.

Summer said...

I think that is so interesting- the altitude is a very strange thing. When I went to Cloudcraft NM, I had some problems breathing. It passed though, as my system got used to it.

Changes are coming...

bethany said...

hello??! are you still alive?! ;-)