Wednesday, January 06, 2010

birds on a wire

so about a year ago I was sitting at an intersection & watching some birds flying over to perch themselves on a wire. it made me wonder: what do the birds who sit on tree branches think of the birds who sit on electrical wires? I shared my thoughts with Tara Lynn. she suggested I blog about it. again, this was at least a year ago... but i just thought about it again today.
anyway, so do the "tree" birds like the "wire" birds & vice versa?
is there a social class among birds? do the "wire" birds consider the "tree" birds old-school?
do the "tree" birds consider the "wire" birds as living on the edge? are they the "Gen-X" of the bird world? I bet it's the Gen-X "wire" birds who fly around dropping bombs on freshly washed cars while the "tree" birds respectfully drop it somewhere else.
this is just one example of some of my random thoughts.
hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year so far...
watch out for those edgy, Gen-X birds.

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