Saturday, November 03, 2007

living among the dead

w2 reminded me that I needed to blog a couple days ago. and i've been meaning to... just haven't been able to get around to it. thanks w2. i think you might be one of my only faithful readers. :)
i have a cold. so annoying. i think i've had it for way too long.
anyway, I've posted a few pictures from our St. Louis & Boston trips below.
i gotta say, Boston wasn't that great. met one lady who i thought was really cool. at first, i thought she was just another typical Bostonian... with her sweater tied around her shoulders. as we approached her, we were walking down the stairs of the Boston Commons. there was a homeless man sitting on the steps, and when he saw her walking by, he said "going to lunch?" and she said "well, i will be. you want me to bring you the salad again?" and she preceded to ask him what he wanted on his salad this time and was there anything else from the menu he wanted? then she told him that she had some errands to run before grabbing lunch but she would be back in about an hour.
wow. this unknown, typical woman taking time out... it was cool. and it made me stop and ask God to forgive me for thinking that she was just another sweater-toting, snotty Bostonian. i'm sorry Boston. i thought you were all the same. but i was wrong. there are living among the dead. and i met one. and she's cool.
what is it about acts of kindness like that... that we find so amazing? when did acts of kindness like that become so rare that they're unusual?


Anonymous said...

K, Made my day. Thanks. W2

stephanie said...

awesome pics! i have always wanted to go to boston... it's too bad you had a not so pleasant time there. i can't wait to check out the east coast...