Monday, March 26, 2007

stuff in the basement

ever start writing something and then stop... and just rest your finger on "delete"? yup, that's what i just did.
sometimes wish i could do that with things in life. but then again, who would i be without those things?

i watched ROCKY BALBOA this weekend with my family.
if you've seen the movie, you probably remember when Rock is telling Paulie why he wants to go fight again and says, "There's still some stuff in the basement."
yeah, it may be cheesy... but where would we be without a little cheese life? the point: you should never dismiss what's in your basement. shoot, Sylvester Stallone thought it was so important that he based his entire movie around it. people bought tickets to see this movie... the guy is almost 61 years old... and people bought tickets!
so it's never too late... and if they make a seventh Rocky movie people will still probably buy tickets... because it's about the message... the underdog.
it's about everyone who has stuff left in their basement... in their heart... looking for the chance to bust it out.
it's never too late to clean out the basement... get it out for good.

think you're inferior? you're not. if you're a follower of Christ, the Bible says that your righteousness is in HIM. you don't have to depend on your own strength... you can depend on HIS. if you're the Bible reading type, it will tell you that it's not about keeping a list of rules... it's about trusting Christ and making Him Lord of your life. He's done all the work... it's why He died for you. Read Galatians 2:19-21 and Philippians 3:7-9.
He's ready to make covenant with you. He sees no stain of sin on you... and you can come find rest in Him. God's promise from Jeremiah 31:33-34 was fulfilled through Jesus.
Read Romans 8:31-39.
Keep seeking... God will not let you down. Read Luke 11:1-13.
Lucky for us that He's done this... none of would ever make it. I know I wouldn't.
Don't know why or how I got into this preaching mode... but oh well... every once in awhile it comes out.

okay, i'll stop... here's a little ROCKY BALBOA for you. TTYL.

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Rebecca said...

ok, I have to watch this again really soon. I LOVE this movie!!