Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the force

so i've been in orlando since friday. i've been at a conference for work... the national religious broadcasters conference. unfortunately, no disney world for me... i was hoping we'd have time to make it over there... but no such luck... oh well.
let me take this time to remind you that the views expressed here on my blog are my views and my opinions... not necessarily the opinions of any one else i work with, work for, know, love, met yesterday, or will meet tomorrow... these are my opinions.
having said that... during much of this conference i've been thinking... wow... these people are odd... and not odd good. don't get me wrong, you meet some really great and normal people... but they are very few and FAR between. i better not say anything else... i never would have come here on my own will... i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my employer.... but yet i'm glad i came. it opened my eyes even more. again, there's some really great people here... but maybe we need to start our own convention... and get away from the oddness.
funny thing- there was another conference going on in this convention center at the same time- it was on the other side of the convention center. it was some sort of comic and gaming conference... you know... the kind where the fans come dressed as their favorite comic or game and/or sci-fi character? yeah, i've never seen anything like it. i had Luigi on one side and Chubaka from Star Wars on the other. and dare i say i felt more at ease with these people and had more fun walking around them than i did on the other side of the convention center. oh well, it's all over and i'm leaving for the airport soon... i'll blog more about some this jazz later on.

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stephanie said...

so i came over here to give you a hard time about not blogging for two months, only to find you have been! my bloglines must have had a major hiccup... i'm so sad!

i have to say, getting along better with the freaky deakies than the religious crazies is a funny thought. haha.