Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Layna & Joel!! They just got engaged today! whoohoo!

yeah, my cousin Joel popped the question today & is now engaged to Layna! Congrats to them & whoohoo! I'm excited to have another girl in the family! geez!
anyway, tonight i'm typing from my hotel room in Austin. Here for a business seminar. i've already met some interesting & friendly folks. i sat at a table tonight that was full of people from the east coast... we talked about NYC... and it kinda made me miss it... i'm definitely going to have to make a NYC trip every couple years (at least). going on trips solo makes me more outgoing. i made friends with a New Yorker in the car rental line... and we raced each other out of the airport parking lot. who says New Yorkers aren't friendly??
can i just say that i HATE Austin's roadways!! Good Lord!! what the heck?!?! luckily i have a GPS system in my rental car... but even the GPS system can't figure it out quite right! when i realized it was leading me in the wrong direction, i turned around and told it to reconfigure... and then it was fine... but that was a close one!
on the plane trips here i sat next to women on both flights. and both of these women were mid-fifty and pleasantly plump(i don't know why i say pleasantly... it's just the nice thing to say i guess). and both women were very friendly... but they didn't force me into any conversation... you know, sometimes i just don't want to chat on planes... sometimes i do... but sometimes i don't... so it was nice not to have to. both ladies could easily be characters in movies or on tv. they were funny... and had fun personalities. the flight attendants on my second flight were crazy. they were yelling at passengers and were very short-tempered... yikes!
my hotel room is nice... there are 2 beds... and 7 pillows on each bed! i'm thinking i'm going to surround myself with 14 pillows tonight and drift off into a blissful, pillowful sleep.
well, i'm going to go ahead and jump into those pillows and try to get some sleep... i have to get up early tomorrow! hope everyone is doing well! ciao for now.


stephanie said...

cute couple!

how'd you sleep? if i were sleeping in the middle of 14 pillows, i'd imagine that i was the snuggle bear and i was sleeping in a big laundry basket of... pillows. :) haha!

you are sure traveling a lot for work. very cool!

Rebecca said...

glad you're having fun in Austin. It's about to freakin snow here! Maybe that will result in church being cancelled tonight! er, I mean, I hope this doesn't mean church will be cancelled tonight. ;-)