Sunday, October 01, 2006

I ♥ Music.

i'm sitting here listening to Sufjan Stevens... his "To Be Alone With You".
I like it... it's more than what it seems.... it's deep.

anyway... we recorded music tonight. we recorded the song i needed for my audio class. it went really well & it was a lot of fun. Good thing was that i didn't end up having to do the guitar part... hallelujah! i met a guitarist at the music store yesterday... so he played for us tonight. Rebecca did the vocal... and she did awesome... no surprise there. i have a feeling that my recording is going to be better than anybody else's... thanks to Rebecca, Joesf, & Danny. :) It sounds soooo great... love it.

it's weird cause i'm sitting here listening to Sufjan... and i like a lot of his music... but there's some of his stuff that i could do without. so it's funny how you can like one artist and then turn around and really like another artist that's totally different. Guess that's the beauty of music... that it doesn't all have to sound the same to be good... to be enjoyed... by someone. We briefly talked about Janis Joplin tonight... and it's not like she had a stellar sound 100% of the time... I mean, think about Janis trying to make it on American Idol... not too sure she'd be able to make it past Simon in the try-outs!
And i'm sitting here thinking about Sufjan's music... a lot of the titles are whacked out... such as the titles on his Come On Feel the Illiniose! album... read these whacked out titles. Luckily crazy titles don't stop people from loving him and his music.
To each his own... that's all it boils down to.

i think Sufjan Steven's music reminds me of the movie "I ♥ Huckabees" in some weird way. Saw the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" last week and i recognized one of the songs in it as a Sufjan song... i think it might have been the song "Casimir Pulaski Day" or the ending of "The Transfiguration"... the 2 songs can sound similar to me. Not that anyone cares about this besides me... anyway... hope everyone has a great week... it's time for me to hit the pillow... cause i'm half asleep!

Happy 1st day of October.
love ya'all.

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stephanie said...

i've never even heard of this Sufjan fellow. i'll have to check out his music...