Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Lightning photo courtesy of spaceweather.com
So I'm taking this audio techniques class on Monday nights now.
Much to my surprise, the professor is actually going to the trouble of teaching us the VERY fundamentals of sound... for example, we're learning about at what frequencies the human ear hears and things like wave paths. It is fascinating stuff... I'm not sure any of us were ready to leave when class was over.
GET THIS: Do you know what the sound of thunder is??
The sound of thunder is the sound of all the notes in the musical scale at once.
I cannot tell you how cool that is for me... all the notes in the scale... all at once... thunder is... not just noise... it's music. how can all the notes in the musical scale all at once be an accident? Reminds me of the string theory and the theory of everything.
it's awesome... I am so excited about the things I'm learning in this class. And I thought all I was going to be getting out of the class was how to do audio mixing!
and get this: the end of the course project is to record/produce a song.
sounds way more fun than most of the classes i took in college.
hope everyone is having a great week.


stephanie said...

audio techniques class?!? that rocks! where are you taking the class and who is teaching it? sounds like tons of fun.

audio engineer, eh? there definitely needs to be more hot chicks running the sound boards out there!

Rebecca said...

well, that's convenient! Do you need a subject for your song recording? ;)

kristin said...

as a matter of fact........ yes..... I think I do.
have your people call me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristin,

We wish you would visit more often.

- Reagan and Kiefer Duntley