Tuesday, April 25, 2006


i saw an amazing thing on Saturday night... the Grambling State University Marching Band. they performed at the arena football game that i went to. yeah, i said arena football... it was actually fun to watch... believe it or not. http://www.gram.edu/band/default.asp
This is the same band that has performed for Presidents and First Ladies, Kings and Queens from the USA to Zimbabwe... they've been seen at numerous Super Bowls and Presidential inaugurations. I guess the GSU band has even starred in their own Coca-Cola commercial. Who knew that a marching band could be so cool?

yup, the band WAS cool but this is somewhat of a cop-out entry because i've got nothing but seriousness floating around in this head... for about 2 weeks now... not exactly blog-friendly thinking... it wouldn't be blog-friendly writing.
but yeah... very cool & impressive marching band. the had the coolest guy leading it... not sure what his official title is but he was COOL. guess i should go rent Drumline... haven't seen it yet.
maybe i'll write a more substantial entry soon... i hope... :)

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stephanie said...

substantial posts are overrated... :) do what i do, write about nothing in particular. haha!